Temecula Wine and Beer Garden

Today it will be all about the Temecula Wine and Beer Garden

Located at:
28464 Front Street
In Old Town Temecula

This is a serious local hang out with the occasional stray tourist dropping in. As much as the tourist think the The W&B Garden is a dive, The locals pick up on the outsiders just as quickly. Here is where we celebrate birthday’s, anniversary’s, engagements and everything in between. There are pot lucks, football games and charity events. For the local crowd this is a Sunday afternoon stop following a long day of riding. For us, we know we are going to stop and say hello to a dozen people or more before we even hit the bar for our first drink. On another note, this bar color friendly. I have seen as many as five different clubs in here at one time, and it’s not a big deal.  Also,the back parking lot boast a very large area dedicated to bike parking.

It is mostly covered but all outdoors, so there is smoking and cigars and along with the flat screens it is a great place to sit and watch a good football game in the fall. Every weekend there is a band of some sort. I am particularly fond of Little George and the Big Time or the Dalton Gang. All the bands are usually more than decent and everyone has a great time.

This is the place where some cut loose a little more than they should. For the most part it’s entertaining, the crowd is as nice to you as you are to them.  It’s a great place to end a long day and relax with friends.



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