The Quest for the Alpha Male

There has been conversation going on about the ever elusive Alpha Male.  It is my considered opinion that they are about as prevalent in today’s society as the Sasquatch.  I have as much chance of finding one of my very own, as I do catching one armed with only a straw and a piece of dental floss.  There seems to be much confusion, not just about who he is, but the true definition of an Alpha Male.  As I have researched the subject, I have come across definitions that are similar to each other, but tend to go off in one wild direction or another, taking the truth away from it. Even most men when asked if they can define it, can not. I am surprised at how many men have not even heard of the term, and this, from some that I find to be very “alpha” in fact.  Then ask a woman what her definition is, and I find they fall into 2 categories.  Once again they have never heard the term, or they feel it is synonymies with bondage, chauvinistic men, or men who generally treat women with disrespect.  I have never met a woman that understands the term and concepts of the trueness of the Alpha Male.


So what is it?  What is the true and honest definition of the Alpha Male?  I am not going to give the warm fuzzy, socially acceptable, washed up version of it.  Here is the real deal.

 You Either Have it or You Don’t

An Alpha Male is born not created.  He is a born leader.  He is not always the best looking of the group, but you can be sure that what he lacks in the looks department, he makes up in the area of strength.  When he enters a room he is noticed by women and men alike.  He exudes confidence and swagger.  He does not question himself, but will always question authority, what little that may be over him.  His family is of the utmost importance to him and the protection of his mate more so.  He is not just the leader of his family and the protector,  he is the moral compass of the family as well.  A true Alpha Male expects his mate to follow his lead implicitly. He understands his own boundaries with her and would not ask her, nor expect her to do something that is morally wrong, as it would be shameful to even him self. If he has found the perfect mate they have a trust for one another that runs deep and is the very foundation for their family.  He is not dominate over her to force her into anyway of life or thought or deed that would be considered shameful.  He is dominate for all the right things and everything that is good.


The Alpha male will always have the pick of the female.  It goes to more than attractiveness, but rather the continuation of the species and bearing the best offspring.  This male is looked to for his leadership abilities and is often difficult to work with.  He does not bow down to popular belief or does the term “Politically correct” fit into his vocabulary.  He celebrates the female and once he finds the female that trusts him, he will be beside her always; the modern alpha male does not tend to stray.  A female that understands this kind of man will equally appreciate him.

Where oh Where have the Alpha Dogs Gone…?

It is a scientific fact that the Y chromosome is weakening.  I can give you a ton of links to papers written on the subject but they are rather complicated and lengthy.  However I found this:  Y the Decent of Men By Steve Jones.  In the opening paragraph he says:

It used to be a man’s man’s man’s world, but maybe it isn’t anymore. Man’s claim on the world is undoubtedly contested now more strongly than ever before. Partly this has been feminism’s work, which has made explicit claims for power on behalf of women. Partly it is an effect of changed economic circumstances, in the West at least, in which the roles of breadwinners and homekeepers have unravelled out of long-preserved ideological fixity. Other social and historical movements have loosened man’s grip on his world, whether long slow trends (the decline of marriage) or short sharp shocks (the world wars which brought Western women into the workplace). Birth control technologies mean that women can shake off the most burdensome of biology’s impositions to contest man’s claim all the more effectively. Worse, there’s the other side of modern reproductive technology’s coin: not only can women not have babies if they don’t want to, they don’t need men to have babies if they do want them. And now, it seems, not only men and masculinity, but maleness itself, is under threat – sperm counts are falling, fish are changing sex, and scientists are publishing worried papers on the ‘feminisation’ of nature.

So as time has march onward, the biology of men has weakened, due to the strengthening of the female.  As women have demanded their rights in the workplace her rights to equality, her ability to decide when and even if she would ever bear a child, the male chromosome has lessened.  I found this post and though all true I found it humorous.  “In the end, the world will be composed of Amazon lesbians and a few going-extinct men held over perhaps as sex slave toys”. ~ Bestonthenet.  You can read his complete post on the subject here:

So is it any wonder that I can not find an Alpha Male all of my very own?  The fact is, they are as rare as I say they are, due the the fact that men themselves are becoming extinct, making the Alpha Male very rare breed.  I say we need to start rounding the ones up that still have their genome in tact and start freezing that stuff.  The Alpha Male DNA is going to become a commodity more valuable than gold.  I mean seriously… I have no desire to see a world run by a bunch of Hilary’s and Sarah’s.  Holy Bat Sh*t!  I can see it now. Mutated girlie men fighting wars to win over the commodity of the Y chromosome, to bring it once again… back to their homeland to try to repopulate their land with REAL men.  See, this is what happens when you jack with nature, it fights back, it adapts. It isn’t always pretty.  Now granted, I won’t be milling around to see this go down in 125.000 years.  But seriously, it is affecting my life all ready, here and now.


12 responses to “The Quest for the Alpha Male

  1. I am researching same material (which is all around us) for writing a book on subject. It’s a much deeper and serious matter, supported and endorsed by elites, and being carried out via political empty-thinking fools who mandate and require 6-8 yr olds to be exposed to and even forced to listen and be attentive to what I would like to engage others in discussion of, e.g.,required reading Wang’s “The Prince and His Dressmaker,” and write what they think is their gender?

    I have discussed basic and pending chapter outlines to publishing houses. Consistently, it is “Oh! We’re sorry! Such subject matter is outside our guidelines.”
    I respond with, “Well, please Madame / Sir, inform me what these guidelines are in order that I may write something which will gain readership and perhaps help others ad our culture. Can you do this for me? I would appreciate knowing where and from who or what origin these ‘guidelines’ came from?” Perhaps “The B. Grove”??? This has been planned for many, many decades, since 1952 I suspect…


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