A Sunday Morning Ride

There is nothing better than waking up to a bright sun shiny morning, when all the sudden that thought hits me.  “We’re riding today!”

I fling back the covers from my cozy warm spot and my dog looks at me, his head resting on my shoulder. He surely is thinking that he is going nowhere and stares at me with sleepy eyes as I jump from the bed and put on my robe. There’s a mad dash for the coffee pot.

Eventually Bogie meanders into the kitchen and stretches out his back legs ready to brave the cool crisp air of this Winter morning in Southern California to do his business. He sneaks a bit of kitty kibble from the dish as he makes it to the back door.


The "B" man

My best Pal the “B” Man AKA The Glove Bandit

I pull down my gear from its spot on the closet shelf, sunny yes but still chilly, leather weather for certain. I check my iPod’s charge and choose my sunglasses and lay everything out in the order I need it.  Slip the few items I carry with me for a ride into the small black bag and hit the shower.

With my little pal back inside where it is warm, I make sure that my gloves are kept out of his reach.  He has come to know what it means to see my gear laid out.  That mama will be gone for the day.  Somehow he thinks that if he hides a glove, I will have to stay home.


How do your gloves grow?

After I am done dressing I finish my coffee on the patio.  The sun is warming the earth just a little.  It will be a cool ride, but a beautiful day none the less.  Off in the distance I hear the rumble of Jim’s Harley.  I gather my things and meet him outside.  As usual he is smiling and ready to ride.  It will be yet another great day with friends.  I saddle up, my iPod on with my favorite tunes thumping in my ears and we thunder out onto the highway and into the wind.


There is nothing better than gathering with friends for that last cup of joe and a pastry before hitting the road.  Just four bikes  pull out and head south on the 15 before we make it to highway 78 and into the mountains toward Julian, the smell of the earth and sage and pine… its own kind of aroma therapy.


From the cemetery overlooking the town.


As we make it down the mountain the weather warms a bit.  We stop for some lunch at a road side cafe. The sky is beautiful the company it wonderful and most of all we laugh at ourselves and each other.  With full bellies it’s time to hit the road and do what riders love to do…. Enjoy the ride.


Jim’s Ride

There’s a silence beneath the thunder of the engine and my iPod.  It’s a peacefulness unlike any other.  It is my time to think and to reflect.  Sometimes, it is my time to weep for a loss or to remember days past when things were different.  Sometimes I just close my eyes and feel the sun warming my back as we get closer to the valley floor.  Feeling the curves of the road, like a baby in a cradle, swaying it into a gentle sleep.


There is nothing else like the feel of the road.  At the end of the day when I walk in the door frozen to the bone or gritty from road and the heat coming off the black top, I wash the day away. But not the memory.  It stays there in my heart, another ride for the books.  Those are the best nights, I sleep sound, my dog snuggled up next to me glad to have his mama back home.  Life is good…. and I have lived to ride another day.


Also, I thought I would share these rides with you, all in one weekend. God I have no idea how many miles we rode in those two days… Weekend Riding with Darla And a big thanks to my friend Jimmy for putting this together.  It was such a nice surprise…









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