Crap that I Like

There’s not a lot that I need in this world.  I travel light, I am fairly simple.  But like most women, there are just things that I don’t want to live without.  I have looked at my old list, and it’s funny how they have changed, the interesting part is why somethings fall from my list of crap that I love.

McGuire’s Spray Detail used to be on that list… but since I lost my job, lost the car… who needs spray detailer? Also on that list was Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha, [5] pumps please.  But hey, I can’t afford the 12.00 bucks a day that I was spending on it.

So here is my new list of Crap that I Like, downsized due to the shitty economy…

Malibu Hemp Lotion.

This stuff rocks.  I started using it about 5 years ago.  I like it better than even the top national brands or real expensive stuff. It smells nice and beachy, even a great scent for men. The best part is the price, less than 6.00 for a 24 ounce bottle I picked up at WalMart.  Why I love it, would be the ingredients.  The top three are Water, Coconut oil and glycerin.  It doesn’t sting after shaving the sticks, not greasy it’s the bomb where lotion in concerned.  WalMart no longer carries it, so I am on the hunt for a new source.

Palmer Coconut Shower Oil

With our weather having been so dry the last few months, this crap has been a life saver.  Neutrogena has a shower oil as well which I LOVE, but it’s very expensive.  I started using the Palmer’s, it’s less costly.  It is not as light, but it seems to work better for me.  Not super crazy about the fragrance, it smells like brownies.  So the first time using it I had a fear of being chased down by old men with glasses of milk.  Anyway, the scent does not stick around, but the benefits do! And it is awesome after a long day of riding.

Oil of Oregano

You may have heard of this, maybe not. This is a product that is made from Wild  Mediterranean Oregano. A friend told me about it and gave me a small bottle. It is good for about every damned thing, but the effects where not as I expected.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998. I deal with it, don’t use meds for it, screw it, I do what I want.  But when I started taking this stuff, I noticed on about day three, that I had no fibro pain.  NONE… The constant throbbing and pain I lived with everyday was gone.  Period. For a few weekes I kept expecting it to come back, and it never has.

The other thing I suffer with are migraines.  I have had them most of my life,  but a car accident last year, left me with constant migraines or severe headaches daily.  Between the pain of my back, shoulder and the headaches, I was taking upwards of 30 extra strength Excedrin each day.  Since I started taking this, they are gone too. I never have headaches now.  The other night I felt one coming on, due to something I ate.  I realized I had not taken the oil in 3 days.  I took 3 drops and in about 15 minutes it was gone.  I take this a few times each week, 4 to 6 drops a week in a glass of juice, cuz it taste like crap.

My poor dog has super dry skin, he had some sores on his back from gnawing.  I put about 3 drops in a tablespoon of olive oil and massaged it in to the dry areas and the sores.  You guessed it,  the next day they were gone.  I get it at the Vitamin Store and I use the brand Oreganol.  Make sure it is Real Mediterranean Oregano  Follow the link to read more. Getting the flu, a cold, canker sore… this is a cure-all, and I swear by it!

My Dog

Bogie is my pal. Even now as I sit and write this he is curled up next to me napping. He never leaves my side. On the occasion that I am sick he has laid next to me for 12 hours not leaving me even to eat or do his business,  He is my greatest comfort on bad days.  He never judges me or tells me I am a dumb ass.  Nope, not the “B” man… he curls himself next to the small of my back at night and tends to be a pillow hog, even though he has his own bed and pillow. And yes, he uses a pillow, I dunno why, but he always has, even if that pillow is my hip…

Who said that this list was things that you could attain? I said it was a list of crap I like.  But Bogie, I love that dog, my little pal, my BFF, cuddle bug and glove thief.

As I wrote this I realized that my list is not nearly as long as it once was.  I could easily come up with a list of 10 things that I just could not live without a year ago.  But today, there is just nothing that important.  When you have to get by day-to-day you find out real quick that what you once thought you HAD to have were just things that you liked to have and life goes on with out them.

Right now all I need are my kids, my dog and a warm place to sleep.  I am blessed with the other things and friends that I have in my life.


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    • El,

      Since my first day here on WP you have been a supporter and constant reader. Thanks for your continued support, I appreciate the time you take from your day to visit my page. It always makes me happy to see that you have dropped by. I love to visit your page to see where on earth you have been… Thank You for adding me to you links.

      Love Light & Blessings



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