My Rules to Riding With a Friend vs My Dude. If I had a Dude…

These are my rules on riding with a friend and my rules on riding when I am dating someone.  Of course there are always exceptions to the rules, only I have never broken them, because I didn’t need to.


6 responses to “My Rules to Riding With a Friend vs My Dude. If I had a Dude…

  1. What I was refering to was that the video was obviously intended for the female sex. As I watched and you kept addressing the ladies, I felt like I was doing something wrong… thus the reference to sneaking into a peep show. Good stuff here on your blogspot though… and very well organized!!!


    • Ohhhhh That’s hilarious… I swear. But I like the guys to watch too, as if I get outta line or say something that could be up for debate, well I know you have 2 cents, unless you spent the last 2 cents on your last blog …. Just sayin’


      • I think the info given was mostly acurate. It is always refreshing to have a rider or a date to offer to pay their way, even if the mocho turns it down. Well… just spent my last .02 cents. ~smilin~


      • Mr. Macho can always say no friend or his chick. But as a girl riding with a friend, I will pretty much insist on buying his lunch just for hauling my ass out. It’s the least I can do and my way of also saying Thank You.

        I have a roll of pennies I can send you. I think you might need them at this rate.


  2. I feel like a 10 year old that just snuck into a peep show. LOL! I swear I didn’t listen to this chick talk all the way through! ~snicker~


    • I am not sure what to think about that comment… C’mon, you know these biker chicks… ya just gotta call it like ya see it. Peep show… Wait til you see what I have coming up. That ain’t nuthin’ Click… Click… BOOM…



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