Lake Henshaw Ride

If you are visiting the Inland Empire area and looking for a nice day ride, here ya go…

Not every ride can be an epic ride. But living here in the Inland Empire we are blessed with being able to make it from the desert to the ocean to the mountains in a short period of time with very little travel on the main highways necessary.

One of my favorite rides is out around Lake Hemet on the 74. The Pines to Palms Hwy.  It is a nice little mountain ride with great scenery.  Some nice twisting roads and a sweeper or two along the way. Then drop down on 371 which you bring you through Anza ,then over to the 79 which will bring you out along Lake Henshaw and eventually back into Temecula. Roughly 130 miles.  The ride is not a complete loop, so your trip mileage will vary.

Lake Henshaw

The temps will vary from the valley floor of Hemet up to the lake area.  On this day it got a little cooler than expected, but warmed up nicely after passing by the lake.

Stop at Lake Hemet


Roll on over to The Hide Out Saloon  just off of the 79.  It is a great place for a break. They make a pretty dang good burger and serve beer and sodas The restrooms are very clean.  Sunday afternoon they usually have entertainment outside.  But just people watching is entertainment enough. Parking is roadside. The Hideout is open on Saturday and Sunday and if weather permits on Fridays.  Check the website if you want to make this a Friday ride. You can also find The Hideout Saloon Here on Facebook



Roadside parking at The Hideout Saloon

This makes for a nice Sunday ride. You can roll out by 9:30 or 10 be in the Temecula area in the later afternoon, just in time for some music at The Wine & Beer Garden. You can still be home by six or so if you live or are staying in the Inland Empire area.


Temecula Wine & Beer Garden

This is a great date ride or a group ride.  I hope you have a great time.  Keep the shiny side up!

Here’s a Ride Map







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