The Journey Continues…

Well you may have noticed I have made a change to my title page to “Stories, Lies & Biker Dives”.  This change has also includes my Facebook fan page and YouTube, so don’t be alarmed when you see it in your feed!

Things are starting to come together nicely.  It comes with a lot of hard work, diligence, and sometimes just waiting for other things to fall into place. Those long-awaited photos have started to roll in and I am super excited about that.  I want to take the time to thank Studio 94 and Rebecca Young for a kick ass job, as well as Tim Daniel from CHRS for the hook up!

I am still in the process of making blog changes.  I will be adding a Ride Page, Biker Eats, as well as adding on to the Current Events page. The events will not just encompass annual events, but charity events as well.  The main purpose for this page is for public awareness.  I am able to tag these pages and post in a way that they can get out to the public at large.  If you would like me to add an event, ride or biker friendly destination regardless of the geographical area let me know.

This page is for you and all about you… where you love to ride and hang out. So don’t be shy, send me a message, share your story!

Thanks for hanging out with me and your patience as I continue to tweak this page…

Keep the Shiny Side Up~




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