Stories, Lies & Biker Dives

Studio 94

Photo Courtesy of Studio-94 Photography

If you haven’t noticed there have been some changes going on here at IEDarla.  Over the past few months I have not only changed the format, but the direction of this page.  I changed the Blog name from “In Pieces” to “Stories, Lies & Biker Dives.”

It’s not easy making a change like this, but I figured I had better get it done as quick as I can to avoid even more confusion later on down the road.

Making these changes has also opened up new opportunities for me.  My friends, readers, and followers have been really supportive, and I just want to tell each of you, thank you. Your encouragement is what keeps me forging ahead on days when I think it is all too much!

Last night I got over to my Twitter Page, I don’t get there too much, as everything post to all my media automatically and I get incoming Tweets on my phone.  ANYWAY… I was really surprised at some of by followers and their retweets which is awesome all by itself.  I have missed out on a bunch of Twitter action since they changed the format because I couldn’t find things, but I think I have finally gotten the hang of it.

My fan page is another thing… Why the hell it’s it so hard to drive traffic there?  Pffft… For those of you on my Facebook fan page thanks for the follow.  I try not to bombard that page, as I don’t want to litter your home page feed.  I hate that so I don’t want to do it.  Because of the way things post automatically, I sometimes even go in and delete things off that page for the sake of your feed.  Please let me know how I am doing in this area!

You may notice that I have added a few new pages to this site.  Rides Rallies and Events, and Reviews.  I will also be adding a Ride Map page where you can download rides for those who may be visiting the area.  I am also interested in posting Biker Dives, Rides and Rallies in other geographical areas.  I really pay attention to tagging my media, so just because you’re in another state doesn’t mean it can’t be added here. I can still post it so your favorite dive will pop on search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

With the new layout, new format came new photos.  I wanted to thank Kyle Robinson’s Studio 94 in Murrieta and Becca Young for a wonderful job.  Becca also took the time to create my new banner for this page so it was a perfect fit on my header and I got the look I wanted… Booya!

You can also follow Studio 94 on Twitter

YouTube looks great, however, just when I though I have my page the way I like it they are making a format change and all users will be forced into it on March 7th.  I don’t care for the new layout, and now I am going to have to mess with it more than I care to. Just getting the account monetized took months and was agonizing.  I wanted to strangle Google… but it’s DONE! Whew.

Also a giant thanks to Eldonna Lewis of Gopink Mag for publishing my article Dressing to Ride.  I always appreciate being pimped, as all bloggers do. I was glad to see that she felt it worthy to post for her readers. This is an awesome form for lady riders and passengers alike, so if you get a chance, bounce over to see her.

So I thinks that’s about it here from the IE.  Keep the Shiny Side up!



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