The Unspoken Word of the Road

There’s this thing that a man does when he’s riding with a girl that he is fond of… The leg pat, or what I call the arm hook, the latter which I do not see too often.

It is not uncommon to see a man reach back and pat his girls leg or to rest it there for a bit, caressing the back of her leg.

Years ago when I first really began riding a lot, my boyfriend at the time always hooked his arm around my leg.  There’s a comfort in that.  I can’t really tell you what it is. It’s not like holding hands, or a kiss, it isn’t the same as feeling his hand on the small of your back.  It is a feeling all unto it’s own.

A girl can almost gauge how a man might feel about her by the amount of time his hand is spent on her during the ride, even if at all.   I know for myself, it’s a big deal, and it doesn’t matter how long I may have been riding with him, if he’s my dude, I expect it.

For the most part the ride is solitary, there is not a lot of communication going on.  So it’s the unspoken gestures that take over in place of the spoken word. I happen to love the feel of my mans hands on me, that touch on my leg while riding. It’s almost impossible for me to describe…. I really have no words for the feeling that it gives me.  I guess in short it’s a feeling of belonging to someone, he is my dude, I am his chick… And that feeling all by itself is rare indeed.

The ride moves all of the senses, but the touch is intimate, sensual, sexy and just Oooh la la.


4 responses to “The Unspoken Word of the Road

    • I questioned the length of this post. But I realized there was not point in trying to make it something else. The touch is a simple human need and more often than not says far more than words ever could.



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