Temecula Rod Run 2012

The Temecula Rod Run has been a long time and loved tradition in the Temecula Valley and Saturday was a picture perfect beautiful day to get out and enjoy it.

Since 2000 the P & R Foundation, a NPO has organized the biannual events.  However recently the Fall show has been cancelled, and you can read  the ins and outs of that decision here.  The event will now only be held in March.

I am not going to get into the facts of this run as you can see that in the links I am going to provide throughout the post.  But just let me tell you why I like it.

Old Town Temecula is my place, my bubble… and Front Street was made for just this kind of activity.  Yesterday I grabbed my daughter and off we went.  Parking was a pain, as a good portion of street parking was taken away for some unknown reason and parking lots were full and were “pay to park” lots.  This was the first year where I had a problem finding parking.

Old Town is a place where even alone I feel comfortable to walk its entire length visit anyone of the merchants and drop into a local watering hole with out ever feeling intimidated or worry if my 21-year-old daughter gets lost in the crowd.  Regardless of the 60 plus thousand people that attend, it remains a family friendly event and a good time for young and old alike.

The walk down Front Street assaults all of your senses… the food vendors, the sounds of a guitarist strumming alone on the street to Sickstring Outlaws playing on the corner of Main and Front Streets.   The cars have been shined up and the owners of these hot rods continually and proudly wipe the dust from his prized possession.  The lawn chairs are set along the curbs and in the parking lots.  The young kids ooh and aww while mom reminds them to look and not touch.

Old Town is one of those places that despite being smack in the middle of a big city offers the charm of a back country town and friendly people.  This Rod Run is the only one I know of that offers this type of atmosphere on this scale outside of Hot August Nights which of course is a much larger event.  But for a local event here in the Inland Empire, the OTT Rod Run has no equal.

I will certainly miss the October event, but throughout the year Old Town always has something to offer. Whether your meeting friends at Lils for breakfast before a ride or The Wine and Beer Garden for a cold one after a day on the road, OTT is a place for meeting old friends and new. So gals, if you want to grab a few of your best girls and head out for a nice day… I recommend this as a Single Woman Friendly Event.

I don’t have a date for the 2013 Spring Run, but as soon as I have it, you will too.



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