Preparing for The Long Ride

If you are going to your first big bike event you need to prepare.   I am not talking about making sure you are packed, having the right jacket or boots.  But you need to make sure that your body is prepared for the long ride and the hot conditions that you will likely endure.


Make sure that you begin to hydrate your body 24 to 48 hours BEFORE the day that you leave.  Do get to bed early and get a good nights rest.  Allow yourself plenty of time in the morning to fuel your body.  Even if you do not normally eat breakfast, keep in mind, in the heat you are going to burn a lot more calories.  FUEL your body.  Have a good breakfast of whole grain toast, a scrambled or hard-boiled, egg juice and coffee if you like.  Give your food time to settle.

Do not drink the night before your trip, the alcohol will dehydrate you. You need to be well rested and together for the long day ahead of you.

Do continue to eat light meals on your trip, such as salads with grilled chicken, fruits, whole grain bread.  Heavy meals will leave you feeling uncomfortable in the heat.

Take into consideration that liquor is going to affect you quicker in the hot conditions.  So take it easy, keep drinking that water, juices and tea. Your rider can’t drive while drinking nor can he have you riding as a passenger if you are drunk, that is equally hazardous.


Be Well Rested

Fuel Your Body

Hop over to my YouTube page for my Video on Preparing you Body for a Long Ride


7 responses to “Preparing for The Long Ride

    • Long trips are are an event, but there is no better way to see the country. I am in my best physical shape when I am riding a lot, even as just the passenger.


      • How many people miss some of the enjoyment of whatever their activity is because they do not take care of their body? We are having a very early, warm Spring here on the East Coast (I had to mow the pathways in March, when we are usually cross country skying in the woods). I am expecting the hear the cycle groups out early this year to. Enjoy your ride. Great advice.


  1. I’m waiting for the Hot to come to the east coast. I got my boots and I’m ready for my next ride but its just been too cold and rainy. Hopefully next week will be better. I know Ryder wants to take a longer trip in the summer so I’m glad you posted this info & the video.


    • iedarla
      I certainly don’t mind riding in the heat, thought there is a point of just stoopid hot… There are many parts of our deserts that are so beautiful that you just have to see it… Thanks for dropping in from across the pond. :]



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