Dr. Fockerz Duck Juice ~My Review

Get the Juice

I had the pleasure to meet with Dr.Focker last weekend and check out the line of Duck Juice Products.  I have always been picky about what I used on my vehicle and kept my 300 in pristine condition, a dirty car was a crime against humanity.  I always used the best products and Instant detailer was a must for my black beauty.

The Spray Detailer:  Dr. Focker let me throw some of this green stuff on a bike and give her a go.  It went on really well and wiped down beautiful to a high gloss shine in a minute with no greasy streaking like some products leave behind.  Less than 5 minutes and the bike is done!

Duck Wax:  This product offers carnauba wax for the best shine and UV protected to keep your ride looking at it’s best even in the harshest weather conditions. This wax is black and polishes away swirls and superficial scratches leaving a hard, deep shine and smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Duck Juice offers a full line of products to keep your ride looking it best, from chrome to wheels. This product is American made to boot.  More over, you know how I love to support small business.  Dr. Fockerz offers a stellar product and at a fair price. Now through April 24th The Dr. is offering free shipping and handling. So what the flock are you waiting for…?

You can find The Juice on their Facebook Fan Page or follow them on Twitter @drduckjuice


5 responses to “Dr. Fockerz Duck Juice ~My Review

  1. Is that you on the bike there Darla?
    I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. Richly deserved too. Check out notwithoutthebike for further details.



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