So, You Want to Know How to Dress Like a Biker Dude?

I have gone over what chicks wear to ride in, it is pretty basic until you have to ride in cold weather.  Over the last week I have been getting the search term, “How to dress like a biker dude.”

I have been rolling this around in my little noggin and decided that WTF… I am gonna write it.  But before I do, I must go on a little recon mission to see what is already out there.  Again, just like trying to find “What do Biker Chicks Wear”, it’s like an Easter Egg hunt with no eggs.

I will try not to let my Vajajay get in the way and write an honest opinion on what I see, and as a chick, what is pleasing to my eye.

So here’s a quick paraphrase of only one of 2 blogs I came across.

I think who ever the hell wrote “How to Dress Like a Biker Dude”  has NO friggin clue at all, and just strung together a list of words.  The list is basically as follows: Everything leather, jacket, vest, pants and boots,  goggles or aviators, or maybe some cool wrap around ones. And if  it’s hot, black jeans, black shirt. Of course ‘Miss all Knowing’ also quoted   “All bikers belong to a group, so sport your logo or patch on your shirt or jacket.”  All clothing should be HD or have flames and or skulls on them…

Are you fucking kidding me right now? I am momentarily without words. This female brain is  in need of manwords. So I send off a text to the King of Man Island and soon we are on the phone.

So I read this to my best dude looking for the male point of view. After reading him the description above written by Botox Betty, soccer mom who has never sat her princess ass on a bike  he says,  “That’s a joke right?” “Nope, this is a serious blog, not a joke” I tell him.

Then he goes on to a rant in a way that only TK can rant…  and this is merely a snippet, as he is not a man of few words, it was truly beautiful.

” Oh my God!  First of all, take out your tampon, fix your make up and adjust your lipstick… get a clue!  Wear what ever the fuck you wanna wear. Biker boots, cowboy boots, converse tennis shoes… who cares…? You wanna wear a Harley shirt…. wear one. Go to a costume shop and pick the one that says ‘BIKER’, YouTube Freddy Mercury, but don’t forget the little leather cap” he exclaims!

So after giving him my summary of this blog I decide that I am on the right track.   Read on Wanna Be Bike Dude.

Unless you are riding in cold weather conditions leather is optional, if you choose to wear leather for protection, that is a decision for you to make.

It is on rare occasion that I see any biker dude I know sporting anything HD other than his bike, and even that is not a given.

The main point to a Harley shirt is just to say “been there done that.” Old ladies collect those little spoons or magnets, bikers collect shirts.

Borrego Springs Run, Winter 2011

So really, what does a “Biker Dude” wear?  Well find your own style.  You want hit the HD show room and outfit yourself… go right ahead.  But a cool t-shirt, some worn in jeans, a good pair of sunglasses are a must.   You may want a wallet chain so it doesn’t work it way out of your pocket while riding. Some guys wear their favorite ball cap under their lid backwards some wear bandannas.  I am a bandanna girl myself and so is my best dude.

The thing about the people who love to ride, I mean REALLY love it, they are not conformist.  They are not who the public at large think they are.  They are everyday people with everyday jobs with a love and a passion for the open road. The wind and the sun, good friends and seeing the country in a way that can only be seen from the saddle of a bike.

So get in your closet, pull out your favorite worn in jeans and t-shirt. Get yourself a good pair of riding boots and gloves and a leather jacket that suits who YOU are.  Forget about the label or how much it cost. Are you wearing it for safety or looks? vents or not?  Can you wear a sweatshirt under it? Is it something that your friends would totally expect to see you in?

Bandanna or ball cap or neither, you decide, it’s your head. But if you go out and buy shit to try to impress the biker crowd, all your going to achieve is getting laughed and guys saying, “First bike huh?” if they say anything at all…    You are never going to make it onto Biker Dude Island if you stroll in looking like an ad for Harley Davidson and a douche bag attitude.

Most of all, don’t try to put on a persona that doesn’t fit you.  It’s like seeing a guy in a bad fitting suit, we know you  borrowed it.  Be yourself, of course unless you’re a complete asshole, in which case be prepared to be humbled publicly. Be respectful of other riders and you should get along just fine.  It is never fun being the new kid on the block, but in time you will make friends, find your style and just be another biker who found the passion for the ride just like the rest of us.

Keep the Shiny Side Up

L & R

Special Thanks to to someone for giving me his Manwords, I will repay him somehow…  :]


5 responses to “So, You Want to Know How to Dress Like a Biker Dude?

  1. The way I see it is that it’s pretty much down to being secure with who you are. When I was a young, acned, greasy biker, it was vital that I fitted in with all the others. As I get older and, ever so slowly, wiser, I don’t really give a damn what it looks like. If it’s comfortable and practical for what I’m doing that day, I wear it. If it happens to have HD stamped on it, that’s fine too. My family wouldn’t know what to get me at Christmas without the motor factory’s goodie shop and I ain’t throwing it away ’cause some people think it ain’t cool. Wouldn’t buy it myself though. At those prices?


    • Thanks for the reply. This isn’t against HD, and I hope no one takes it that way. I think the hardcore old skool dudes think they HD sold old to the masses. Function, comfort and personal style are the key regardless of the label you choose to wear.


  2. “Be yourself, of course unless you’re a complete asshole, in which case be prepared to be humbled publicly” …my favorite line! I love the quote from Laughed my butt off… My husband rides a harley, but he has no clothes from HD. He thinks they’re over-priced, under-qualitied pieces of garbage…

    To me, sexy has more to do with attitude, and less to do with fashion…Just saying! Great piece!!



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