Yuma, and Me Without a Wallet

It sure has been a rough road and far  worse than this little brain could have imagined.

But here I am,  all ready for KSU at 8 am for the Yuma Prison Run.  It has been a long day and tomorrow will be a long hot ride, but I am looking forward to it.

I am making this post from my phone….so if it’s jacked up, I’m sorry.

So for all the shit I tell my girls to take wit

h them on their ride, guess what miss brainiac forgot?  And this is big.  My fucking wallet…. yep.  I changed bags for the ride and walked out without my debit card, my drivers license, all of it. And not even a quarter rattling around in the bottom of my bag.

As my friends and I were walking into to dinner, Barry, a friend of 15 years says to me.  “By the way, don’t worry about nothing this weekend, it’ on me.” 

So girls, you know my rules.  I pay my way when I ride with a friend.  But I know these guys and the ladies, friends or not never pay for anything, ever.  So I say “Thank you” and we head in, because trying to argue is pointless.

During dinner I wanted to show my friend a buisness card.  When I reached into my bag to grab my wallet I was horrified… I had left home without it.  Nothing… 

He offered to run me home for it, an hour round trip.  But after much talk.  The biggest issue I feel is not having ID.  So I am going with out it. 

Before I leave in the morning I will write all my info down and keep it with me.  Things happen and you sometimes just have to roll with it. If I was with someone I didn’t know very well I would go back for it.  However that not the case here. I am with several friends that I have known for 15 plus years.

I was supposed to meet the group in the morning.  But things

went sideways and I came out to my friends house this evening so I wouldn’t have to fight morning traffic, and wound up in a rush to be out the door by 6 this evening.  So there you have it.  When you get rushed, you forget shit…

Peace out kids.  I am looking forward to the ride and bringing you back a great story and some video.




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