Disarming America: The Shell Game


Well lets see how things change here in America. Here’s my guess. Everyone is going to continue ranting and raving, rushing out to buy guns and ammo at an alarming rate.The fear that Americans are being disarmed is here and it’s one big shell game. Politicians on the hill are “gonna threaten this and do that.” They are going to bark and that’s it.

In reality, Sandy Hook is done and forgotten and this has nothing to do with school violence. Because anyone with a brain knows that Lanza didn’t steal his guns, he didn’t buy them from a gun show or off of Craigs list or in some dark ally somewhere. Lanza was going to kill as many kids as he could at what ever cost. And THIS is nothing more than the by product of an emotional nation seeking a way to make it all make sense, even if that means trampling on the rights of the American People. This is Obama continuing to put his agenda forward with the motion of a locomotive and the American people have no way to stop it. 

Until this country makes our children its priority, nothing is going to change. Every school should be required to have tactically trained officer on the grounds during school hours. Period. Stopping Bullying in schools needs to take a higher priority and parents need to be a part of the solution. Parents have to stop the desensitization of their children to sex and violence. If Hollywood can change the way our country feels about the environment, smoking, same sex marriage and what ever else tops their liberal agenda this year, why cant they change the way we view violence, [or not]? Hollywood will continue to pump out violence the game makers will do the same simply because of money.

When will the parents step up and just say to their kid. “No, No you can not watch that movie or have that game.” When will parents, parent? When will parents stop using the government to do their job and take control? Ending violence in this nation is not going to be a fix that comes overnight. It certainly is not going to come via the White House and Executive Orders and more legislation. It is going to come from with in our cities and towns that use common sense. It is going to come from around the dinner table when parents reconnect with their children and begin teaching them the value of life, theirs and others. 

Hillary Clinton said “It takes a village to raise a child.” Now before you get your conservative ass all wadded up, think about it. When I was a kid, if I stepped out of line, my friends moms would have something to say. If it was really bad, they would march my ass home and there would be a come to Jesus meeting. We respected our elders, moreover, we trusted them. We knew our neighbors, the lady that ran the corner market, and the pizza joint and we really knew who our educators were. We knew our priest and pastors. There were after school activities and we had dinner as a family around the dinner table, not out of bags from various take out joints. As families, we talked. This is the village Hillary spoke of. 

Now there is no village, but rather the notion that no one has the right to look at your kid, much less call them out for being stupid in public. Everyone has the “it’s none of my business what someone else’s kid does.” theory. Til someone else’s kid shoots up your kids classroom. 

I guess the bottom line is this. If America can’t or won’t raise her children, then the government will. Guns… this ain’t about guns. It’s about control.


3 responses to “Disarming America: The Shell Game

  1. While I disagree that Sandy Hook is forgotten (of course, it is done) I love so much of what you write here. Thanks for your sense, and for recognizing that there is wisdom from which to learn, regardless of political affiliation. I hope the flu leaves you alone for the rest of flu season!!! 🙂


    • One tragedy is dropped for the next one that comes along. The changes in gun laws are not going to stop this kind of violence. Changing the way Americans view violence however, will. I have no more time for the flu… Grrrr



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