Kai: Hitchhiking His Way to Fame


There are still people in the world that think of others before themselves, and Kai seems to be one of them.  After seeing his interview by KMPH in Fresno, California, Kai, a hitchhiker explained how he stopped the driver of the car he was riding in proclaiming to be Jesus from killing another man by purposely running into a man, pinning him between his vehicle and a truck.  Kai leaped into action, beating the man in the head with his hatchet.

Days later he was an interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel. The story intrigued me, and I wanted to find out a little more after he made another appearance on JKL this evening, giving his take on the film Zero Dark Thirty. With a head full of hair light in his eyes and a smile that says  ” I am your friend” I did a search to see what I could find. It is obvious that Kai is not a stupid young man and is aware of what is going on in the world.  [Conspiracy theories aside.]

I suspect that Kai, being the free spirit that he is may quickly get tired of his new-found fame and once again disappear into the ocean waves, orchards and back roads of this country for peace and quiet away from the cameras and the questions.  Regardless of what this young man does however, I think he will continue to put others first.

So don’t think that Kai is some poor homeless guy with out anything in this world.  He has his life on his back and a song in his heart, aside from being a traveler, he speaks three languages, plays the guitar and sings, and he’s pretty danged good at it. He seems to know where he is in this world.  And while he may not know where his road is going to lead him, I am sure that his travels will be filled more adventures than we could imagine.

Kai is following his own yellow brick road, he is his own mother and as he said, “I am the father that I always wanted.” The kid with the fuzzy hair claims to have no family, and holds no resentment for the trials and tribulations of his rocky childhood either against his parents, or himself for that matter. He was a victim of circumstances that were beyond his control, and embraces that and the child that still lives with in him.    Regardless of where he says he from, he is his own home.  We may never truly know Kai, and for me, that’s OK   He was where he needed to be when it counted and he left an indelible mark on the world.

What will become of Kai? I guess all we can do is wait and see and wish him the very best where ever he happens to roam.



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