Back Alley Motorcycles: Open House Benefit

Cuz He Would Do it For You

Cuz He Would Do it For You

Earlier this month our friend Jon Campbell AKA Rex Beavers was taken down on the 15 freeway while on his way home from work by a woman who was on the phone.  What a surprise!  While the biker community knows all too well what the hazards are when it comes to distracted driving, those doing it seem to be clueless how their selfish actions affect the lives of so many bikers and their families.

JC Accident

The Internal Damage is far Greater than Shredded Leather and Denim

Luckily nothing was broken, but as you can imagine, he took a beating going down at 70 miles an hour.  As he continues to recover, his family is struggling to get through the financial mess that ensued courtesy of someone that was going to miss her exit because she was paying more attention to her phone than where the hell she was going.

Her Damage

Her Damage

WAKE THE HELL UP and hang up the phone.

I have said it before and I will keep saying it.  Of the many times I have had a close call on the bike, every time the driver has been on the fucking phone.  Now while those of you guilty of this practice may think you can do it,  this is just another example to prove that you can text or talk and drive equally as well as you can drive with your head  shoved up your ass  and really… what’s the difference?  *** IEDarla is stepping down off the soap box now*** Humph~

Back Alley Motorcycles will be hosting an open house to benefit the Campbell Family on Saturday, May 4th starting at 11:00 am.  

Many are working diligently on getting together raffle prizes, food and  “other” biker necessities to make this a great event. Music is provided by The Side Project  and there will various vendors including Espinoza’s Leather Works of Rosemead to provide you with all the leather goods you need, from Custom Cuts and jackets to gloves.

We are gonna crank up the Bar B Ques and the tunes and have an all out good time to show our love, respect and support for Jon Campbell and his family in their time of need. So if you are looking for somewhere to ride and for a good cause, saddle up and take a cruise out to beautiful Temecula for a fun packed afternoon.

In speaking with Ruth Campbell this evening,  She wanted to thank all of their friends and the community for all of the love and support they have received over the last few weeks.  ” It really is overwhelming and I don’t know what to say, we are so grateful.”

This is what community and friends are for,  it could have been worse. But thankfully we are collectively able to help our family and celebrate the fact we still get to listen to Rex Beavers and his antics and celebrate the fact the he is still with us.

As the event develops I will update it, so check back.  There are some cool raffle prizes in the works.  Just thought I would throw that in there!

This is not even close to all of the donations  and they keep coming in!  A huge thanks to the following for their contributions!

Renegade Classics of Corona for the gift certificate,

Warrior One Tactical ponied up a cool shirt.

My Day Tan & Spa is sending 4 donations. 1 week free tanning, 1 hour Facial, A Gift of Health Basket, 1 special drawing Picture.

Soro’s Mediteraean Grille in Old Town Temecula Provided a gift certificate

Sky High Sports Donated 2 free passes

ADT Special Promotions Dept is donating two security systems and waiving the $99.00 installation fee.

RTK Photography has donated this beautiful image on metal.

Skip Fordyce Harley Davidson of Riverside threw in some gear.

Shamrocks of Murrieta gave a GC for 25.00, And we want to give a very Huge Thanks to Paul.

Need an Oil Change?  Birds Family Auto in Temecula has given us a few free and You might get one…

Also throwing in to the mix are Quaid Harley Davidson of Temecula, Temecula Motorsports and Hanks Hardware

No one but two $25.00 gift certificates from Hana Shushi in Temecula, Thank you Jake!

Melissa Jesse over at Cactus Flower on Front Street in Temecula made sure we got something pretty and shiny for the ladies!

RTK Donation

If you have any questions or if you would like to make a prize donation, leave a comment here or via my FB Page.




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