Hollywood Stuntz Road Thugs Attack Family in Manhattan

I am sure by now most of you have seen the video of motorcycle thugs attacking the Range Rover driven by Alexian Lien on Sunday afternoon, with him were his wife and two year old daughter. They were out celebrating their one year wedding anniversary.

Alexian Lien with his wife Rosalyn Lien

The incident began on a west side highway in Manhattan with a group of roughly 30 motorcyclist who were participating in a ride called Hollywood Stuntz.  This year marked the second year of the event.

According to some reports there were as many as 200 911 calls reporting the bikes and their dangerous run through the city streets on this Sunday afternoon.  Lien apparently was one of those callers,

The New York police had been gathering information through social media sites on the event, which was unauthorized by the city.  Police had fanned out watching for problems with the event and confiscated 55 motorcycles and arrested 15 event riders unrelated to the Range Rover incident.

Rider Cuts Off Lien

Rider Cuts Off Lien

The motorcyclist had surrounded the Range Rover, it appears that one bike, now known as Christopher Cruz, 23, brake checked Lien and was consequently hit. The motorist comes to a stop as do the throng of bikes.  His vehicle is surrounded by men. many now off of their bikes banging the SUV with their helmets and slashing his tires.   Jay Miese had gotten off of his bike and was in front of the Range Rover, when Alexian, in fear of the safety for his wife and child, fled the scene hitting Miese and another motorcyclist, Miese was critically injured.


Jay Miese

According to his family, he suffered a torn Aorta, spinal injuries, two broken legs and broken ribs and is in a medically induced coma and he is likely paralyzed from the waist down.

“He damaged my son’s life forever,” his mother, Yolando Santiago, told NBC affiliate WHDH. “He is never going to walk again.”

His Aunt, Deliliah Domenech  was quoted as saying: “This man with a Range Rover and luxury lifestyle — it’s OK for him to do something to someone because he rides a bike or has tattoos?” and continued by saying that she didn’t know if the driver should be charged.

“But it should be acknowledged that what he did was wrong,” she said. “He had many other options but he chose the violent one.”

The bikes chased the family 50 blocks through Manhattan streets until they were caught in traffic. Lien was pulled from his vehicle and beaten while his wife and daughter looked on. The black Range Rover had the windows smashed in and the tires slashed according to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, the incident is still under investigation  

Police said Lien is not expected to be charged, however the investigation is continuing.


Kelly said law enforcement were using the helmet cam video as well as surveillance camera footage to try to identify some of the bikers, but most of the motorcycles didn’t have license plates and riders’ faces were obscured by their helmets.

Lien, despite most reports was treated for facial and chest lacerations at Columbia University Medical Center and released.

The Miese family is defending their thug son calling him an “innocent bystander”  and accusing Lien of violence.  What other choice was there for Lien?  Should he have sat there with his toddler daughter in the the back seat while the windows are being smashed in? Or have done what he did.  Flee the area despite there being riders in front of his vehicle?  Fight or flight comes to mind.

If you are wondering what these guys are all about this would be it.  Doing nothing more than being a general menace to society.  I think they have mayhem wrapped up.


Last night a commentator said he was unsure who the biker gang was, that it could possibly be the Pagans or the Hells Angels.  It is this kind as ignorance and douchbaggery that gives bikers a bad name,  [Along with these kinds of incidents that are rarely witnessed.]

While some motorcycle clubs have long standing enemies, their anger and violence is generally directed towards one another, not some random family on the street taking a Sunday drive.

There are always a few bad apples in any given group of people.  But personally I see the sport bike community as being one who feels like they are invincible and will put the general public in harms way for a shot at an adrenaline rush.

This pack animal mentality is disgusting and I have zero sympathy for Miese, Cruz or anyone else hurt in this display of violence. These guys are thugs. period.  Who brakes checks a SUV on a motorcycle and doesn’t think there is a possibility of getting injured or killed?  Oh let me guess… and assbag who has 30 of his buddies to cover for him.

According to the  Jay Miese Facebook Page:

“Jay Meezee is the one on the green Bike with Black helmet purple shirt!!! He is AWAY from the Rang Rover and if you watch the video you will see he was just riding minding his own business.. He witnessed an accident and got off his bike went to the ground to help the biker that was hit!!! He was being a good Samaratin a person with an amazing heart that will always do for others!!! he was on the ground attending to an injured person and was run over like an animal!!!!”

According to  one witness, “They had been riding all over the city being a menace,” said Cynthia Williams, 59, of Harlem, who saw a pack of bikers on W. 145th St. more than an hour after the attack on Lien.

“They went up on the sidewalk. It was just so many of them that they took up the whole street.”


Jay Miese’s Facebook page is approaching 23 thousand likes and I can not for the life of me figure out why.  Why are people supporting this scumbag with donations and prayers for a speedy recovery.  While I don’t wish for this piece of shit to die,  I do hope that he has an awakening.  I do hope that these twits begin to see their mortality. But the reality is, no, they wont, they are animals.  They are not bikers either, and anyone that says so is an idiot, Bikers do things like this





5 responses to “Hollywood Stuntz Road Thugs Attack Family in Manhattan

  1. It’s easy to see they were intentionally trying to intimidate the driver prior to the brake check by crossing the line and riding close to his vehicle. The “brake check” was a stronger intimidation that went wrong. They could have easily have passed the SUV at any time by choosing a lane-any lane- because at least two lanes weren’t in use.

    They also tried to control traffic by preventing a motorist onto the ramp during their chase…controlling witnesses?

    For anyone to say any of these guys were trying to help the driver they need to review the video again. Not buying their crap just because they’ve been to law school or journalism school!


    • It will be interesting to see how this plays out. We have yet to hear from Lien, I hope it is in the form of a law suit. It seems that the Meise family has hired an attorney.


      • Yes, they are going to try to turn this into a TV drama for media purposes.

        Who would stop? One man, one tiny woman and a toddler! No match against a gaggle of bikers who were obviously sparring for a fight with someone…anyone.

        They could have passed at any time. They did not. Prior to the guy getting in front and hitting his brakes, they were riding close to the SUV and looking for something it appeared.


  2. He’s in a pack of motorcycles, violating every law on the books, menacing others and this stupid relative has the audacity to say he was “just minding his own business?” That lady is a sick as he is.



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