No Trailer? No Problem, Getting to Daytona Bike Week

Dennis Jellel bike

This morning I came across this photo in my news feed for my fanpage.  It is not too often that I repost something from another site, but this photo screamed out for a share! so I did… along with over 9000 other people and pages.

This afternoon someone commented on it and it wasn’t very nice, or I was miss reading it.  I decided to let it slide and deal with it when I returned home from an afternoon meeting.  When I arrived home, I had a new page like and a new comment on the photo.

Dennis Jellel Daytona Bike

I was surprised to see a comment that appears to be from the guy actually driving this car and his Harley Piggy Back,  I jumped over to his Facebook page… Eureka!  Not only was it, but there’s with video! Yes indeed, there is actual video of Dennis loading his bike onto this car for the trek from Denver to Daytona Florida.

Dennis left his home in early March from Montana and headed for Denver to Scooter Trash Harley to pick up his new scoot. He then headed to Daytona for Bike Week. There wasn’t much that was going to keep him from getting there and with his new ride.  With no hitch to the car, and this model hitch being discontinued, well as he told another reader;

“I did what I had to do…Bitch.”

He rolled the bike with the help of others from the back of a tow truck and onto his car rigged to hold the bike for the more than 1800 mile drive.

You have to have some respect for anyone that is willing to load his Harley off the back of a flatbed tow truck and onto the top of a car to get to bike week.  For the all the big bad, “I RODE MINE”, bikers out there, not everyone can ride that far for any number of reasons. Rather it be health issues, time constraints, the wicked weather in Montana, or in this case, he purchased the bike on the way.

Trailering… ummm … or in this case, giving your two wheels a piggy back ride does not make Dennis any less dedicated to the love of riding than anyone else.

After all, did you go? I personally do not know a single person that went to Daytona Bike Week this year. Just sayin’

What Dennis showed was dedication and some good ol’ American ingenuity, [red neck or otherwise.]  Hilarious yes, a site to behold rolling down the road, no doubt.  But really you have to ask yourself, do you love anything that much? Do you love to do anything so much that you would do whatever it takes and drive over 1800 miles to do it?   Now while you may be laughing, and it is worth a good giggle,  I think Dennis deserves a high-five and some respect.

Dennis, welcome to my page, and if you have something to say, well I would love to hear it.



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