Beatrice Wolcott: A Celebration of Life

Beatrice Wolcott

Beatrice Wolcott

Every day Beatrice Wolcott of Winchester struggled to breathe and needed a double lung transplant. Beatrice suffered from Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and her lungs operated at a mere 25% of their capacity.

After nearly a decade of illness Bea was told that without a Double Lung Transplant she would die. She was added to the transplant list in May of 2012.  However, there’s more to a transplant than finding a donor, it is the cost.  Her health care coverage only pays 80% of the $800,000.00 bill, leaving the family with a balance of about $160,000.00.  This did not include her after care or the cost of anti rejection medications that she had to take for the rest of her life.

On July 4th, 2013 Beatrice finally had her transplant, a single lung, but it was a start. Finally, after more than ten years, Bea took a breath that wasn’t a struggle.  Sadly, this was not to be long-lived.  Her body would soon start to reject her new lung and she passed away just 8 months later on March 5th, 2014.


Wolcott picture boards


Sunday, March 22nd, The 801 mc and The Temecula Wine and Beer Garden in Old Town hosted a Celebration of Life Memorial. Amid the flowers were posters and picture frames filled with the beautiful spirit and smiles that was wife, mother and friend, Beatrice Wolcott.

The community gathered on a beautiful sunny day, beneath blue skies to remember her kindness, her wit and her love for her husband, her child and those she held dear. Her life was celebrated with joy, laughter and tears, with poetry and song.


Music By: Rock Whiskey


Bea’s Aunt Linda memorialized her well.  Lifting her arms to the sky, “She is happy and now she can breath!”  she said to the crowd, who stood in silence, behind dark glasses, inked arms and leather. The 801 mc showed en mass to pay tribute to a woman they loved and called friend. Bikes came from near and far.On this day there was no shortage of respect, hugs and memories of a life now gone from this earth to live with our Heavenly Father until next we meet again.


Showing Love for Bea



The family would like to express their deepest gratitude for the continued support of the community and taking the time to join them for a wonderful Celebration of Life.

For more on Beatrice Wolcott click here.


From Left to Right: Lucy Shaw, Linda Sherar, IEdarla, Harry Shaw

From Left to Right: Lucy Shaw, Linda Sherar, IEdarla, Harry Shaw


On a personal note. I feel blessed to have met Beatrice, if only for a moment and to do what I could for her while she was with us.  Thank you to Harry Shaw for making that possible.


Thank You to Rick Cox and Linda Sherar at Have Camera Will Travel for the great photos! You can find more by following the link.



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