When Social Media Meets a Sociopath





There is no better place to get your “news” than The Patch, which is over run with self-professed trolls using multiple alias’ and talking shit.  It is a great place to go if you are looking for a fight and want to free yourself of some pent up energy.  On The Patch, like on most social media, you should never expect to change someones mind or win a debate. The Patch is for entertainment purposes only.

The Patch as many of you know simply regurgitates the “news” from other sources. They do not have a staff of reporters that go out and write their own stories or investigate. It’s just a mill.  Or as I like to see it, it is like a really bad restaurant, when you turn on the lights the cockroaches run. It is a perfect example of how social media negatively impacts society, especially when it is not moderated and allowed to run amok.  Even Facebook page owners keep order and do not allow this kind of unfettered free for all.  Debating is one thing, The Patch goes way past that. Harassment and bullying are a daily activities.




Anyway, back to my story.  I read the patch more out of boredom than anything. I use my name I am who I am and I don’t care who sees what I write on it.  For most of you that know me, you know that I pretty much say what I mean and mean what I say.  However, there are those  that hide behind alias’ and some have several. So many in fact that I have taken to calling one guy over on The Patch, Sybil… What an assbag. His Current name is James P Hosty. His previous AKA, was Alek Hidell.  Hosty was the name of one the FBI agents that investigated the Kennedy assassination, Hidell was an alias for Lee Harvey Oswald.  One of his other alias’ was Kennedy.  LOL No I shit you not, this guy is a serious sociopath and it is hilarious to watch him spin…. Pure entertainment.

ANNNNNYWAY…. Sybil AKA Hosty got on the story of “the incident” that occurred on Saturday afternoon on the 15 / 79 exit.  Naturally, The Patch reported nothing more than what the police reported to the public. I think they got the time right and that motorcycles were involved, but other than that, well…, you know how it works.

The armchair detectives got to work,  the assumptions and reading into the whole thing starts to fly.  I have to laugh.  My  point was, no one knows and LEO are NOT going to tell you so let it go and really, the public in general don’t need to know. Hence my post the other night, STAAAAPPPPP:  This page was taking a beating by people trying to find out what happened.

Quickly the teams divide into “bikers” and “Anti” biker.  Because in this fantasy world to the anti biker team, anyone with a motorcycle is a “biker”. They are bad, dirty, fat, stupid, meth dealing, gun-toting, pieces of shit  that have no right to the road.


The other part of the deal is the fact that I pissed off Sybil [AKA Hosty]  I called him out publicly when he created his new alias.  He had been posting as Hidell and a few others, but then he whipped out the “Hosty” alias.  He didn’t like it at all that I knew these names and flat out called him on the carpet.  This guy is just nasty.  He is the guy that thinks dogs should be killed, it’s OK to shoot at a car racing down your street,  he’s says he doesn’t pay his taxes. He is about as foul as they come.  Granted he is probably some pimply face, Cheeto eating, slime ball that lives in the back room of his mother’s house.  But that is besides the point.

Jame P. Hosty made the following post:  This is a stand alone post, not a comment on another post.  I copied it,  but you can read it on The Patch here


Tired of noisy Harleys? here’s what you do….
Posted by James P Hosty , March 25, 2014 at 09:34 AM

“Harley Davidson has successfully lobbied to have their noisy bikes granted an exception from the decibel limit. We all know they are louder than big rigs. Carry some large bolts or nuts, perhaps golf ball sized rocks and carefully toss them out of your moonroof when they are behind you . These tough guys want attention so let’s give it to them in the most negative manner. They don’t mind spitting out bugs between their teeth so a few lug nuts shouldn’t be a problem as well. Also, write your Congressman and demand an investigation and retroactively get all Harley owners to muffle that damn noise. Keep Temecula quiet and beautiful. Chase the bikers back to Perris.”




Is There a Point to My Post?

Yes, there is.  The reality and the point is, that there really are people like this in the world.  The scary part is, these people have the ability to influence others.  Alias James P Hosty has the mental capability to pull the stunt that he speaks of, and believes that he is superior mentally and he is untouchable.  Those of us in the real world, know better.

We also should consider how a kid could read this and think  “Wow, that would be cool.”  Lets knock some dude off his bike by throwing shit at him out the car window.

Kids see this crap on TV, YouTube or read it,  then go out and do it just for fun, and killing is not out of the question. People like “Hosty” are not capable of understanding the impact they have on the society and  are true sociopaths.

I have been watching this guy rant for over a year.  Finally connecting the dots I have to wonder what else this guy is up to, because it could be anything. These are the guys that when shit goes bad and he’s at the center of it, all the crap that they have done comes out and the community is sitting there saying “Why didn’t someone do something?”

So bikes beware.  Its one thing dealing with motorist that are driving and talking on the phone, eating and flat out distracted. We have always known that these kind of people are out there on the roadway.  But it is quite another thing when you know a motorist has put a target on your back because they think that motorcycles are noisy and a menace to cagers.  So just be careful.





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