Americans: The New Tired, Poor and Huddled Masses

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless,

Tempest-tossed to me

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

~ Emma Lazarus 1883



This is but a portion of the inscription placed at the base of Lady Liberty in 1903 that has greeted immigrants and visitors to our country for more than 100 years.  A gift from France as a symbol of Republican Government   but now has become a symbol of an eternally open, golden door. Indeed America has become the illegal immigrants “Golden Goose”.


“Dumping European Garbage” (Judge magazine, 1890) was typical of the nativist cartoons ca. 1880-1920 that used the image of Lady Liberty to condemn immigration.

“Dumping European Garbage” (Judge magazine, 1890) was typical of the nativist cartoons ca. 1880-1920 that used the image of Lady Liberty to condemn immigration.


America has welcomed to our shores, immigrants from around the globe, regardless of their race color or creed.  The Irish, the Jew, the Chinese, the Cuban.  We have always taken in the homeless, and that is what has made our country what it is today.

We are patchwork quilt of people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, cultures and religions, but they are now Americans.  They came here legally; they worked hard, grew business and industry, learned the language and embraced America.  They did not come to take.  They came to receive the gifts of our country and to give back.


Murrieta, California

Murrieta, California



Today our nation is embroiled in the invasion of women and children being taken advantage and used as political pawns to meet the agenda of the democratic left wing.

These are the voters of tomorrow.  These are the ‘yes’ men, women and children who will be so eternally grateful for all that America is giving them for which they have to do nothing to receive other than to get here.  They will receive food, clothing, medical care and education.  Their [eventual] votes at polls will reflect their gratitude.

They will eat more food in one day than they have eaten in a week in their homeland.  They will drink clean water and bathe before they are flown or bused to the city and state of their choosing and all on the American tax payers dime. They Just need to “check in with in 15 days to update address status.”


These are not the future employers, creators, doctors and industrialist of America.  They are the future criminals and families that will barely get by.  They are the women who will bear more children and create a deeper burden on the American people.  Our schools will continue to bulge with children who cannot speak the language, taking more time from the teachers over burdened with Common Core nonsense having even less time for your child.

They are the people who will continue to take the lower paying jobs that Americas young people once held to earn play money for the CD they wanted or a cheapo car.  These jobs holders now demand higher wages because they have to raise a family.  They will continue to send the bulk of their money back to their own country to support the family there, and not put it back into the local economy.

They will drive without a license, or get one that they should not have.  They will not have the same insurance requirements as most of us must have, nor will they have to play by the same driving rules as we do due to the “burden it would place on them.” They will cast votes they do not have the right to cast because we will not require proof of citizenship for the privilege.

They will further over burden the health care system that is already stretched to the max.  Americans will wait, longer, receive fewer services compromising their health even more. They will bring disease that we have not seen in decades forcing mass vaccinations of poisons into our children and the elderly.


The real tragedy here is that our government is using the poor, the weak and the down trodden as human shields to protect and move the liberal left wing agenda,  preventing conservative America from regaining control of our nation.


The New Enemy of the State

The New Enemy of the State

Traditional families, Christians, veterans, pro-life and pro-gun are now enemies of the state and considered homegrown terrorist, all the while illegal aliens charged with murder, rape and molestation are being released into our communities in droves.  [let us not forget the trade and release of real terrorist.]





The real enemy is Obama. The real enemy is the government  that continues to allow Obama to run the country as he sees fit, wielding his pen of illegal and mass executive orders at will and when the desire so strikes him.  “For the people, by the people” means nothing. Our Constitution is “out dated” and the Bill of Rights has been relegated to a piece of vintage history that no longer applies to the 21 century of modern America.

I love my country, or I should say, I love the essence of what she once was. This 4th of July there seems to be no reason to celebrate… What am I celebrating?  The fact that I do have a few freedoms left, I am not really sure. I am not the proud American I once was, I am embarrassed. Our nation, once rich and powerful, full of hope and promise, where we could do anything, be anything, where we once enjoyed freedoms that other countries envied are all but stories that we can maybe one day tell our grandchildren.

Our enemies do not have to attack our shores.  Our government has attacked from within and weakened us.  We will, as did Rome, fall on our own account, while our enemies watch with great joy and celebration, and complacent America will be left to wonder;

“How did this happen?”


Michael Ramirez Cartoon - Chromium


Murrieta Community Fights Back Wednesday night against more buses



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