The Wine and Beer Garden, It’s a Love Hate Thing…




For 3 years I have supported many groups, clubs, band, charities, and the Wine and Beer Garden. My decision to discontinue MY personal support of the Wine and Beer Garden is my own. If I get bad service or food at a restaurant, I don’t go back. Odds are, you are the same way. But for some reason, I am expected to continue my support of Wine and Beer.

My decision to not attend bike night reaches far beyond the “bike” parking shenanigans. My decision is not based on friendships, past or present. My decision is not based on a grudge of any one person or group of people. It is based on not wanting to bow down to someone’s threats of towing away bikes, a blatant and vocal dislike of “bikers”, a moral compass, basic economics and the ability to get the same thing elsewhere at a better price in a cleaner atmosphere, and to be appreciated.

Many times the only way to tell a business how you feel about their business practices is with your dollars. I, like many, have a limited amount of “entertainment” dollars to spend. Our personal entertainment falls to the wayside when times are tough. So we chose carefully where to spend that money.
Bike parking at The Garden is one of the things that made it what it is. It isn’t the stellar service, the clean bathrooms, or neat and clean bar tables that won’t cut you or rock so hard you spill your eight dollar drink or fourteen dollar pitcher of Coors Light… No.

Despite the quirks, we loved it anyway. The Wine and Beer Garden didn’t make the people. The people, the patrons, the bikers, made The Wine and Beer Garden. The Sunday Bikers made it the stop of the Temecula Valley. The “Cheers” of Old Town. Where if it happened, if it was worth seeing or doing, it was at The Garden.

If someone, anyone, chooses to take my decision personally, then so be it. But unless you are buying my drinks, maybe rethink that. My decision to skip Bike Night, and forgo spending MY money at a business that does not appreciate my hard earned dollars is NOT based on any one person, to be treated as though it is, is an insult.

The “No Bike Parking” Post has reached over 10.000 people and growing. Bike Night has gotten its bike parking back at least for tomorrow’s bike night, which is the last one of the season. It remains to be seen what will happen in the future. Ed Dools son, Matthew Dool commented at great length on my Facebook thread saying “they would work that situation out” have since been removed by him. He did do what he said he was going to do, to the delight of many people and supporters of this long standing event.

My call. Most people will keep going and spending their money. They will be the same ones that complain about the cost of a beer, the nasty bathrooms and sticky tables. Some habits die hard. And well, I guess that’s OK.
The Wine and Beer Garden will always be near and dear to my heart. It was where I met the love of my life and changed my life.

Patrons of the Garden have laughed and cried. We have celebrated everything from birthdays, to weddings, baby showers, to the passing of those who have left us too soon. We danced and sang, we rocked on, rocked out, fell out and down or got knocked out or thrown out.

We laughed till we cried and cried until we laughed, made friends, foes, enemies and fri-enemies. But somehow we mostly managed to gather in one space without too much trouble, but a boat load of drama, cuz well, that’s what you get when you throw 300 people or so into a group.

Each of us has to make our own decision on what business’s we are going to support. And my friends, your friends, should not judge us for it. It is personal choice. It is about your moral compass, what you think is right or wrong and the message you chose to send. For me it is not about who is behind the bar slinging drinks, or the guy at the door. It is about the ones who make the business decisions that have a direct effect on me.

Peace Out~


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