Knowing When To Say When…. WHEN!

I have been pondering for a while now whether or not if I want to keep Stories Lies and Biker Dives around.

This little webpage has done a lot for my community.  It has seen loss and it has been the hub to get out information to our motorcycle community when it was needed.  It has helped women from around the globe feel better about her first motorcycle ride or long distance trip.

It has been fun helping men and women alike solve unique issues that bikers sometimes face.  “How do I keep my butt crack from showing?” to “How do I tell my girl she is holding on too tight?” “How to wear a banana on your hair for a motorcycle date?”  lol  Oh how I will miss your auto corrected questions!

This page had its rocky start from those who thought they knew better and thought that I was the devils spawn for not promoting ATGATT, and that I was doing the women of the world a disservice.  But I got through that too with the support of my community.

Lives change, people change and circumstances change.  Stories Lies and Biker Dives page will stay here, just because I know how it is accessed daily.  But I will not be updating it unless there is something big and information needs to get out to my local community.

Me, I am moving on to other things. I will still be out there riding when I can, but I am letting this go. Letting the Facebook page disappear, (Unless there is someone local that wants to take it over )  I am Letting go the feeling that I need to attend to it.  The fact is I have myself spread too thin.  I have started a small business, Beautiful Botanicals Bath & Body  I love it and that is where I want to dedicate my time.  I know it’s not like this took up all of my time, but it did take up a good deal of thinking room and the feeling that I had to make a post, write a story or attend a function…

You have to know when to say when.


Thanks to each of you that have been so supportive. Keep the Rubber Side Down~

Much L & R



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