Krista Marie: Self Proclaimed Tomboy & Free Spirit

May 2012

This past Memorial Day weekend I was on the road,  I went from the Inland Empire up to Ojai on Sunday then rode the West Coast Thunder Ride in Riverside California in support of the Riverside National Cemetery. What an amazing day.

I made my way back stage and met Krista Marie. She is a singer, song writer, all around lover of the wind, the sun, anything on two wheels, with a good helping of dirt thrown in. She spent a few minutes with me that afternoon and agreed to speak with me for an interview.

Besides being part of The Farm, I find Krista to be one hell of a woman who works hard and plays hard.  She was born and raised in Upstate New York into a musical family; her father was an accomplished classical accordionist and pianist, while her mother taught voice and piano. When they weren’t playing music they ran the family meat market and catering company.

Krista’s training is standard and classical with a very broad reach reflecting in her current style that brings together old rock, classic country and a hint of pop.

The Farm West Coast Thunder 2012

The Farm West Coast Thunder 2012

As a band, The Farm works together making the stage their playground. The trio of voices includes Nick and Damien.  They fit together naturally, creating a harmony based sound that leaves you feeling down home happy and you can’t help but want to jump right out of your seat and grab on to the person closest to you for a swing around the dance floor.

What I really wanted to get at with Krista was her love for motorcycles and I asked her how she wound up with the passion for two wheels.

”It started out when I was 14 and got on the back of a motorcycle, that was when I decided I had to have my own and would never ride on the back again.  So I worked all summer long at the 6 Flags Theme Park in Upstate New York saving all my money until I could buy my own.  Nobody in my family knew about it, I actually had to keep it my friend’s house. Then eventually my family just had to deal with it because I was just a tried and true lover of the road.”

Getting in a Little Play TIme

Getting in a Little Play TIme

From there Krista found herself working at a little transmission shop that sponsored a slot car, in joking they said that they should throw Krista in the car.  “I’m in.” she says, so she would go from singing the national anthem then run down and jump in the car.  “My car came in the top 10 that week, and then the following summer I raced all season.”

She eventually got hooked into motocross at local races, starting with ATV’s. She spent 2 years in Los Angeles working as a stunt woman.  During that time she found Glamis  which soon became her personal heaven.  When she had the time to get away from the noise and traffic that is synonymies with LA she would pack it up and head to the sandy dunes of the southern California desert to play.

Her garage is loaded with race ready a Yamaha 450 and her Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle.  Laughing she says: “My dream house is mostly a big garage with a little house and a big kitchen because I love to cook…, but the dream house is little.”

For most of us that ride, we work our 9 to 5 jobs and ride on any given weekend providing that the weather is suitable. For the past year, The Farm has been hammering pretty hard on promoting the Single “Home Sweet Home.”  They are on the road more often than not. Krista says “Eventually my dream is having my own tour bus with my trailer behind it, and I assure you, if you see me driving by, all of my toys will be in the trailer at all times.”

Now this is my kinda girl, she’s does not have the “princess syndrome.” She can wrench and get dirty and I’ll bet do about anything that the boys can with style and grace.  “I love being on the road,” she muses, “I have gotten to experience it a few times in my travles, being in a town for a day dropping the trailer and meeting the tour bus where ever. Even my little dog Bella loves to ride, I have a back pack she fits in and she loves it. Since she was a puppy I had her out at the motocross track, so she has always been around the loud motors so for her it kinda feels like home. When I get home riding is what I do, it grounds me and relaxes me, I do it every chance I get. Every once in a while when we are out someone will offer us an extra bike. 9 out of 10 times I will take it. Like the West Coast Thunder Ride, Jay of Skip Fordyce hooked us up with bikes and it was just wonderful.”


I asked Krista what it was she really wanted people to know about her, how does she balance the changes in her life? “I can answer this… ” She says, her voice softened a little. “I used to be so worried about what everybody thought about what I was doing and how I handled myself. You know what I learned? As a woman I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin.  I know it’s a cliché but I am OK,  Anybody that knows me, knows I am far from perfect. I have a lot of imperfections but that is what makes me, me.”

As Krista continued to speak I actually found myself a little choked up. Her word resonated with in me and validated my personal feelings of riding and the freedom it gives me to get into my own head some times and work things out.

“One of the places that really allows me to be me is the road and on a motorcycle. That’s where I feel most at home, the most free, and the most inspirational.  That’s where I get my inspiration from for writing or for a show.  I was born a free spirit that’s who I am, and who I will be till the day I die.  I love the feeling that the open road gives me, and I love seeing other women out there on motorcycles. You know… when you’re out there with other people, you might see a Doctor, a lawyer, a blue color worker, woman, black or white, whatever… It doesn’t matter.  When you’re out on a bike and riding together, we are all equal.  We are all out for the same thing.”

As I listened to this woman sitting down in Nashville, I thought about her many layers and the pieces of herself that she so willing put out to the world, saying, “Here I am, take or leave it.”

“Riding keeps me grounded, it really allows me to open my eyes to see the beauty of the world around me and appreciate the little things. Our world is so fast paced we don’t stop as often as we should, and when I am on a bike all the stress goes away. The bike is my reminder that I need to stop and smell the roses and appreciate all that I have.”

The Farm will be playing at the Deadwood Mountain Hotel and Casino for 5 days during the Sturgis Rally August 6th through the 9th 

Krista added “My friend is trailering my bike to Sturgis so I will get to ride every day”! I could hear the excitement in her voice and  I am happy that she will find time to enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Black Hills before she hits the stage with Nick and Damien for a toe tappin’, hard rocking, fast fiddling, good time.


Krista sent me over to Youtube. “Check out the video, Tom Boy, that’s me in a nut shell.” She laughed.  “We had such a great time filming that video because it really is who I am.”

You can follow The Farm Here or on their Fan Page Here.

So today I will leave with Krista Marie’s Tom Boy:

Ladies: Preparing & Packing for Bike Week

Well you’re thinking about bike week and what to wear, so now it’s time to think about packing and making sure you have what you will need.  NOT WHAT YOU WANT!  What you NEED.

I am going off of the search terms that have brought women here to this page and the local events that are coming up,  Arizona Bike Week and Laughlin Bike Week.  We have talked about what to wear in other post here so now let’s make sure you are ready for a full weekend on the road.

This is how I pack, but you may need to take other things into consideration such as weather for your area and making the decision to wear or pack leather. I did have my leather jacket last year and needed it on the way home.  It did get very windy and cold  as we got into the Palm Springs area.  Make sure if this is your first event that you know the storage situation for the bike you will be traveling on.  Do you get one side of a saddle bag or are you packing in a T-Bag?  Find out!

Lets assume that you are leaving on Friday morning and returning Sunday, this is my list.

2 pairs of jeans and the pair I will wear on the ride out.  I wear my least favorite jeans for my travel days.  My favorite pair I will wear on Saturday night for dinner out and concert events. The other pair I will wear on Saturday for our rides.

I will take 3 tank tops, 1 long sleeve and a nicer top for Saturday evening.

You get to take 1 pair of sandals. I recommend wedges for your evening.  You can keep them in the saddle bag and change into them  arrive to your event.  If you are staying at a hotel with a pool, you may choose to take a pair of flip-flops.

4 pairs of cotton socks.  You will likely want to change them when you arrive and check in to your hotel.  A quick freshen up clean top and socks and your off. [ choose cotton for all of your under garments ]

Bathing Suit.  Last year we did stay at a hotel with a pool but never used it.  I had a suit none the less.

A hoodie.  I take one, but have never worn it at either event.  But you don’t want to get caught off guard in the event of wind or monsoon. Keep it on the bike.

Gloves.  I have a fingerless set and I never ride without them.

Sunglasses. I take 2 pair, 1 pair I will always have on the other in case I lose a pair or a friend does, and it happens.  Also you need a set of clears for at night.  Keep the clears and the extra set of shades on the bike.

Bandannas.  These are on me all the time.  One for my head, and one to cover my face when I ride.  I can not impress upon you enough the importance of covering your pretty face!  Riding through the desert, it is going to be hot and dirty.  PROTECT YOUR FACE!  The bandanna is very breathable.  Your make up and sunscreen are a dirt magnet,  cover your face.

Nothing Fancy Here

Jewelry.  I wear the same jewelry everyday riding or not with the exception of my watch.  In the hot weather I wear a bracelet style watch that won’t feel too tight as the day heats up.  Keep this in mind with rings as well, you may want to leave them home. They will get too tight when it gets hot, and you don’t want to lose them when you have to take them off.

Sunscreen:  I use “Faces”  By Banana Boat.  Make up goes on well over it, or you can mix your foundation into a small amount of the sunscreen and then apply.

My make is: Foundation, waterproof eyeliner, mascara, blush and lip gloss. Also take a lip protection, one made with bee’s wax so it wont melt in the heat. also there are some good ones that are tinted and make sure it has an SPF.

Take a small travel size bottle of lotion.  I love Malibu Hemp lotion, it smells great and no need for additional perfume.

Do take a travel size bottle of good conditioner, your hair is going to get trashed by the wind and heat, don’t skimp here.  Also a travel size bottle of spray on sunscreen is a good idea as well.

Don’t forget: Toothbrush and paste, deodorant, travel size body wash and shampoo, hair ties and hairbrush.  If all of these are travel items, you wont have to worry about them not being packed the night before, and risk the chance of forgetting them.

You do not need: Hair dryer, curling irons or flat irons.  Your hair is going to be up and covered, braided… it’s Bike Week, not prom.

Take a small purse to keep just the basics in.  Lip protection, ID, Debit Card, small amount of cash, eyeglasses, or rewetting drops if you wear contacts, phone, event passes, room key.  This is what you want ON YOUR PERSON. In case you get separated from your travel partner, you have to be able to take care of yourself. If you are diabetic or have any other medical condition, make sure you have what you need with you and that those traveling with you are aware. Also make sure that medical personnel have a way to know this.  A small note in your bag with your ID or Medical bracelet could save your life.

On the topic of your phone.  Hopefully the bike you are traveling on has a charger for phones.  If he doesn’t or does not  want one or doesn’t have a place for one,  while you are riding make sure your phone is OFF or on Airplane mode. You want to make sure that in an emergency you have battery life. In remote areas the phone roam’s and it sucks the battery very quickly. Don’t forget the charger.

iPod.  I don’t leave home with out it. Take the charger too!


Preparing for the Ride:

Make sure that you start hydrating yourself well before you leave on your trip and that you eat a good breakfast. Multi grain toast, a hard-boiled egg and juice should hold you. For those that don’t eat a morning meal, this is a good source of protein, and not too heavy,  you are going to burn extra calories in the heat.  This is important, you don’t want your sugar to crash while your riding.  Have a power bar or two and a few bottles of water on the bike at all times.  Hot water is better than no water. Do go to bed at a decent time and don’t drink the night before.  You need to be all together and well rested for the long day ahead of you.

Check with your rider to see what he carries on his bike at all times.  Band aids, pain reliever, bee sting kit.  You can’t take everything.  But if he does not have the basics, these are a few items that you can quickly throw together in a small bag just to leave on the bike.  There is nothing worse than having a headache, which is common for riding in hot conditions, or getting a bee sting and no way to treat it.  It can ruin a good day.

Check the weather conditions for the areas you will be traveling into and through the night before you leave.  Make wardrobe adjustments as you need to. Be packed and ready to go by the designated time you are given, don’t be the one to keep a group  waiting because you did not prepare in advance.


Keep it all Together

Got your helmet? If you are driving to meet your ride somewhere it would be very easy to walk out the door with out it and that would suck… attach it to your bag. Keep handy the items you will be gearing up to ride in.  iPod, bandanna, sunglasses, jacket, gloves.  Be ready to ride when you arrive. You don’t want to be digging through your shit looking for your gear while others are waiting to roll. All you should have to do is  put in your earbuds, face bandanna, helmet, jacket, sunglasses, gloves… IN THAT ORDER. There’s a reason… just do it. And if this confuses you go here —-> Gearing Up

Eat light when riding in hot conditions. Salads with grilled chicken, sandwiches, toast, multi grain cereals will not leave you feeling over full and uncomfortable for your ride. Take it easy on the liquor, your dude can’t ride with a drunk girl on his bike.

Relax, have a good time and if you have any questions or think I forgot something, let me know!