Las Vegas Bike Fest

Las Vegas Bike Fest

October 3rd through 6th 2013

While this is far from being an awesome event, however, I do enjoy the rides in the area and October is an excellent time of the year to do them.

The event itself… well Vegas is Vegas, and if you have been there, well it’s the same…

If you make it out, be sure to ride Red Rock Canyon and make a stop at Bonnie Springs.  This is an awesome half day ride and will get you back into the city in plenty of time to rest up and get ready for your evening festivities. It is scenically beautiful, and you can make a stop at Bonnie Springs for breakfast, or lunch before you get on with the ride. Don’t forget to visit the petting zoo.

Also don’t forget Spring Mountain Saloon.  Just a short ride to this old place that is just too cool to miss. For a list of other cool joints in Las Vegas, Go Here or find Official Bike Fest 2013


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