Biker Dives

Food and Drink is what makes the world go around.   We eat to celebrate. Having a birthday, die,  graduate preschool or get your masters… Eat, it’s what we do.  Eating and Riding go hand in hand, nothing makes me more hungry than a day on the road with the wind in my face!

I am all about a great meal and it’s even better when it is an awesome value and comes with equally stellar service.  I have gotten a little grief about some of the reviews I have done because well, they were not awesome.  The thought was, “If you can’t say something nice then why say anything?”  Well how about this little nugget… That is fine for the establishment that really could care less about their diners,  but what about the ones that do?  I feel like I am giving a restaurant I gave a not so hot review  the opportunity to step up the game and right what ever wrong they may have made.

No one is paying me, my food isn’t free.  So I get to say what I want.  If the food rocks, I want you to know it, and if it’s not so good, well I think you should know before you go…

The following is a list of places I have reviewed or just plain like.

The Flying Pig is My Stamp of Favorite Destinations.






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