Hells Kitchen The Ortega Hwy

hells kitchen


Hells Kitchen in Lake Elsinore is not a destination as much as it is a place to stop on the way to where you are really going, regardless of your direction of travel.

The food is Eh… the drinks are cold and the bathrooms are sorta clean.  They are biker and color friendly.  Go out back and sit under the oaks or in the front beneath an umbrella and watch the bikes roll in and out.

They have a pretty good size menu, serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and host a complete bar.

If you are an inexperienced rider, I would say this is not the road to learn on. The Ortega is the second most deadly Hwy in the State.





One response to “Hells Kitchen The Ortega Hwy

  1. Just had breakfast there last saturday. Good food and great service. They make a mean bloody mary and I was surprised to find out that the place is for sale. I hope that if/when it does that the new owners contrinue with the way things are.



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