Rainbow Oaks Old 395 Fallbrook

If you go to Rainbow Oaks, don’t expect to get a seat if your entire party is not present. We got there before Steve and Debbie, and asked for a table for four. About half the tables were open. “Sure.” said the girl, “but you will have to wait.” I looked around the dining room at half the empty tables. “Really”? “Yes…” she says, “You have to wait til all of your party is here to get seated, but you can wait in the bar or outside…”

Thomas says. “Well, give me a table for two.” “I can’t do that, I already know you are a party of four.” The hostess told us. “What… Are you kidding me? But we want to eat, even if our friends don’t show up, we are eating. We were going to order an app and drinks…” I tell her. Of course we are both beside ourselves at the ludicrousness of this, “So we can not have a table and eat here tonight unless there are four of us?” I ask.  “Right, cuz you already asked for a table for four.” [All the tables and booths seat four.]  Thomas say’s “I can’t eat here ever again.” and we start to head out the door. One of the waitress’ steps in “Just seat them and don’t argue.”  Ahhhh the voice of logic.

We wind up with a wonderful waitress, and I am sorry but my meal was just mediocre at best. The meat was over seasoned, and very fatty. The baked potato was ok, but not hot enough to melt the butter. There’s no salad, no bread, and the green beans were good, not overcooked, but barely warm. I would think for $24.00 it would be a little better. But everyone is so wound up over the portion size they let the rest slide. The worst part is shortly after we get home Thomas and I both have belly aches, that gurgling, grinding kind that tells you, you have eaten something bad… I am pretty sure his lasted all night, which completely sucks because he had to fly for business this morning.

The only up side was our waitress, who was great.. and I forget her name. Victoria maybe… and of course the company, the best of the best!

This was my third time in on Prime Rib night, and I am just not impressed… even less now after last nights shenanigans.

Rainbow Oaks can keep their Prime Rib Dinner and insane logic. Because if I understood them right.  If you are a party of two and get seated,  and friends happen show up, you can not ask them to join you… It’s so stupid I just have to laugh.


On a side note, I hear the breakfast is great, but I have not tried it… see the review here

Biker Friendly

Colors ok

Bike Parking

Full Bar [Expensive and not a good mixed drink.]

Good for groups.  ( Only if you all get there at the same time.)

Gas Station.


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