Texas Lil’s Temecula

Texas Lils Mesquite Grill

Well this joint just jumped right on to my shit list and here’s why…  Any night of the week you will find bikes lined up at Lil’s and weekends it’s a regular pit stop.  I have been there on nights when our group easily dropped three or four hundred bucks, and that could happen a few nights a week, even in the winter when we’re not riding. Lil’s was our front porch…

We have known the manager and staff by name for years. The Boyfriend goes in to ask if they would donate a gift certificate for a benefit the community is having for a fellow rider that was hit on his bike, he survived, but he is pretty banged up, you know the drill.  They declined… seriously…?   They just declined to pop for a 25.00 gift certificate to a community that has been pumping tens of thousands of dollars a month into their restaurant for years?  Not a good move. Especially to someone that you KNOW by name when they walk in.  What comes around goes around my brutha…   If this would have been any other place in Old Town, I would have got it,  but not Lil’s.

There are other places to eat on Front Street with parking, I will get them posted ASAP.

28495 Old Town Front St. Temecula, CA 92590

(951) 699-5457

Biker Friendly (only if they are taking yours)

Bike Parking

Full Bar

Casual Atmosphere/Outside Dining

Full Menu & Doggie Friendly with a menu for you Best pal!


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