Small Biz

It is so easy for us to go to the big retailers in an effort to save a buck or two.  I rather put my money into the local economy when ever I can.  Small business’s keep about $45.00 per $100.00 in the local economy while the big stores only keep about $13.00 per $100.00. Buying from small companies supports your local community and economy in big ways.

2 years ago American Express rolled out the “Buy Small business Saturday” campaign in an effort to stimulate local economies.  According to Business News Daily  ” 103 million people participated in the second annual event, which took place on the day after Black Friday. Those 103 million people exceeded projections that expected participation by 89 million people.”

I hope you will support small business in your daily life and travels.  The mom and pop stores of America is what made this country great, now they are few and far in between.  Then there are those that are willing to take the chance that they can carve out a living and risk it all in the hope of giving their family a little more.  I support you!



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