Yuma, and Me Without a Wallet

It sure has been a rough road and far  worse than this little brain could have imagined.

But here I am,  all ready for KSU at 8 am for the Yuma Prison Run.  It has been a long day and tomorrow will be a long hot ride, but I am looking forward to it.

I am making this post from my phone….so if it’s jacked up, I’m sorry.

So for all the shit I tell my girls to take wit

h them on their ride, guess what miss brainiac forgot?  And this is big.  My fucking wallet…. yep.  I changed bags for the ride and walked out without my debit card, my drivers license, all of it. And not even a quarter rattling around in the bottom of my bag.

As my friends and I were walking into to dinner, Barry, a friend of 15 years says to me.  “By the way, don’t worry about nothing this weekend, it’ on me.” 

So girls, you know my rules.  I pay my way when I ride with a friend.  But I know these guys and the ladies, friends or not never pay for anything, ever.  So I say “Thank you” and we head in, because trying to argue is pointless.

During dinner I wanted to show my friend a buisness card.  When I reached into my bag to grab my wallet I was horrified… I had left home without it.  Nothing… 

He offered to run me home for it, an hour round trip.  But after much talk.  The biggest issue I feel is not having ID.  So I am going with out it. 

Before I leave in the morning I will write all my info down and keep it with me.  Things happen and you sometimes just have to roll with it. If I was with someone I didn’t know very well I would go back for it.  However that not the case here. I am with several friends that I have known for 15 plus years.

I was supposed to meet the group in the morning.  But things

went sideways and I came out to my friends house this evening so I wouldn’t have to fight morning traffic, and wound up in a rush to be out the door by 6 this evening.  So there you have it.  When you get rushed, you forget shit…

Peace out kids.  I am looking forward to the ride and bringing you back a great story and some video.


Show me your Ridin’ Britches



If any of you are like me you have a few pairs of jeans that you consistently ride in. Once they are thread bare and you have to part with them, finding a pair to replace them is a major pain. Parting with the old faithful go to’s is like losing an old friend, it disrupts the weekend riding routine. Because all the sudden you have to think… These are not long enough, these are too tight, and those are too small and these ones…. ehhh no. Sigh

Finding a pair of soft, worn in jeans for me is harder than finding any other piece of clothing because I will wear them more than anything else.  They have to be comfortable in addition to having the right look.

My last pair of favorites tore beyond repair or wear-ability last spring and I have yet to find a pair that I like equally. You know, the pair that has the perfect holes in the perfect spots with the perfect thread worn places…?  The ones that finally gave way were a 30.00 pair I found at Kohl’s.  I went back for another pair just a few weeks after I had gotten the first pair but they didn’t have my size and were not getting any more in.  Just my friggin luck.

So here I am back on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, It is not about price, where they are from or the brand name that is on the back pocket.  I have 100.00 jeans and I have 14.00 jeans from Walmart.  It’s about when you put them on and you say “Yep, these are the ones.”  You just know.

So tell me about your favorite jeans…