Skin and Hair Care for the Girl Who Rides

Caring for your skin and hair starts before you even hit the road.  Make sure to start the day with water and juice and some protein. A hard-boiled egg as you head out the door will get you going and keep you tied over til you make your stop for breakfast or lunch.  Even if you are heading out for an early ride, hydrate BEFORE you leave home, and through out the day.

Start in the shower and use a shower oil, Nutrogena or Palmers Cocoa Oil is great before and after riding. Massage it into the skin at the end of your shower and pat dry.


There are a few things in my arsenal that I use when riding, one of them is Banana Boats Sunscreen, “Faces”. This is a non greasy formula and is great to wear under your makeup.  Apply it and let it set for a few minutes before applying your foundation.  If you want to go a little more bare, you can add a small amount of liquid foundation and tint the sunscreen and apply that way. Use a foundation that also has a sunscreen in it.  I use Revlon Age Defying, it has an SPF of 20, so it works even if I skip the sunscreen for shorter riding times. Also carry a lip protector with sunscreen, try one made with beeswax, as it will not melt in hot weather and offers far superior protection.

I also cover my face with a bandanna when I ride.  And if there is one thing that I recommend over anything else, this is it. This is the Coup de Gras of protecting your face. Hot or cold it doesn’t matter.  If you choose to ride without being covered, maybe you will change your mind after you get hit with a few bugs or rocks, or roll into an event with a filthy face… I have just this one face and I am taking care of it.

When I get home from my ride I hit the shower with an exfoliating buff, they are available at some Walmarts and most pharmacies. They really get off the grit and grime of the day and followed by shower oil… ooh la la you will feel so refreshed.

If you don’t have one and want to make a nice, easy facial scrub, try this:

A tablespoon of sugar, drench in extra virgin olive oil and juice of a lemon to make a scrub. To get the most from your lemon, cut it in half and microwave for 15 seconds or so in a microwavable container. Mix well.

Wet your face first with warm water and use the scrub, do not rub too harshly, rinse well with warm water and your face will be moisturized and feel like a baby’s bottom! Also use on the neck, declate and the back of your hands.


Try Malibu Hemp Moisturizer.  Available at Walmart.  I discovered this lotion about 5 years ago.  It is an awesome value, 4.97 for a 25.4 fl oz bottle. [This was a bonus bottle, normal are the 18 oz.] It has a nice “beachy” scent, but the best part are the ingredients.  It isn’t packed with crap you don’t want on your skin,  The first three ingredients are: Water, Coconut Oil and Glycerin. This will not burn your legs after a shave. I prefer this over all top national brands.  It also comes in a “Healthy Glow Formula”  It works great, no streaking or weird coloring. I just looked this up on-line for a picture.  In reading reviews which are all awesome, I noted that Walmart is discontinuing carrying this product. Read reviews here.  So I will be on the hunt for a new source.


I rarely wear sunscreen, but  my skin type doesn’t really require it.  I don’t burn very easily and if I do it is gone by the next day. On the occasion that I am going to be in very harsh conditions for the entire day, I will wear it. I make sure that I put it on first thing after my morning shower and put some time in before dressing.  For almost all women I suggest sunscreen for all the areas that will be exposed while riding.


If you wear eye makeup make sure that your eyeliner is waterproof.  As you go down the road even the best eye protection may not prevent some tearing of the eyes. Direction of travel, wind direction and speed has a great deal to do with this.  I have found through the years that I don’t have an issue with mascara, just the eyeliner.  So I use regular mascara with the waterproof eyeliner.

I am new to wearing contact lenses and took my first ride yesterday with them.  I prepared for anything to go wrong and took my glasses as back up, along with the lens case and rewetting drops.  Good thing, I didn’t re-wet my lenses at a stop and one fell out while on the ride. Luckily it stuck to the inside of my sunglasses and I was able to retrieve it and put it inside my glove when we exited the freeway.  WHEW!

Another good tip is to use a good eye drop or wash when returning home from riding.  Washing out the debris and allergens makes them feel soooo much better and you won’t wake up in the morning with sticky eyes.  If you have eye allergies try Boush+Lomb Alaway. My optometrist recommended them and they have been a life saver.


My hair is nearly to my waist so keeping it in good shape is important to me.  As you see from my videos I wear my hair in two braids and keep it covered with a bandanna for riding.  The bandanna keeps me from having to worry about helmet hair during stops in addition to protecting it from the sun. If you have any length to your hair I really suggest braids rather than just a ponytail to keep it from breaking and getting damaged by the elements.  Before hitting the road try a spray on sunscreen for hair.  Aveda makes a good one, and if you color your hair like I do, this will help with the prevention of fade out. In addition use a shampoo made for your specific hair color. I use Pantene for Brunettes, and I love it!

There are may different hair wraps on the market at a local bike shop.  Find what works for you.

Most days after a ride I still feel dried out to some level. Some days are  worse than others.  There are so many factors that go into it, age being one of them.  Just keep rehydrating, pack on the moisturizer, avoid salt and processed foods.  This is what works out for me.  You will find over time you will come up with your owns tricks and things to keep you looking and feeling fresh while on the road and off.

These are products I use, love and are time-tested. I use what works for me and has nothing to do with name or cost, but purely on its functionality and ability to do the job I want it to for the conditions and elements that I live in.

I hope to see you on the road!