The Q & A

I see the search terms that has brought you to Stories, Lies and Biker Dives. You have questions and I just might have an answer.  While every question does not require a full article I thought I would put them in their place and give them the respect they deserve with my answer.

For now, I will just keep this as one page, you can post your questions below in comments, or if I see something interesting come up in search terms I will address it.


Q. Do biker girls wear wallet chains?

A. Well, I suppose if you want to wear one who is to stop you?  I personally do not nor do I know any female that does. There are lots of small purses and bags that attach to your belt, belt loop or are small enough to throw in a saddle bag or other storage bag on the bike. I do not personally have one, as I prefer a small bag with a strap that I can wear over my shoulder when I reach my destination. So to answer the question… I am just gonna say no… unless you have no other option.


Q.  Why do you have to wear jeans on a Harley?

A.  I have a few friends that on occasion wear shorts to ride in.  I strongly frown upon it.  Jeans protect you from road debris, rocks, bugs, bees, sun burn, not to mention the road grime. And for safety, those pipes are damn hot. Even brushing up against a hot pipe you can feel it through denim.   That’s just for starters. Also keep in mind that some fabrics such as those containing nylon or rayon could melt from the heat of the pipe and burn you as well.

pipe burn

Q.  Can I just show up and Ride West Coast Thunder?

A.  I suppose the answer is yes.  However, keep in mind that all of the funds are directed to the Riverside Veterans Cemetery Fund for the building and maintaining of Memorials within the facility and more.  The Federal Government does not pay for these.  For more info on the event go here.  In addition if you get to the end of the ride at Soboba Indian Casino in San Jacinto, you will have to pay at the gate to join the festivities there.  If you have never been you gotta go!  Get there early and get to one of the many registration tables and pay to join the ride.  What better way to show our Veterans how important they are?

Q. What do girls wear on a motorcycle in the Summer?

A.  The answer to this question has gotten me in trouble before,  But I am going to stick to it.  What you see me wearing in any photo, is typically how I roll when the Summer temps are up.  Always jeans, a pair of boots that cover the ankle and a tank top.  What you wear to ride is up to you.  There is a certain group that will say you need to wear ATGATT.  [All the gear all the time] which would include, Kevlar pants, boots, and a riding jacket and full leather gloves. And by all means if safety is a huge factor and you feel comfortable riding in this gear, then I say do it.

But I have the feeling you are asking me if it is ok to ride in anything other than Jeans, in which case I am going to say no. No shorts, no flip flops, or cute strappy sandals.  If you do, make sure you have what you need to care for the burns you will get from the hot exhaust, it’s gonna leave a mark. And plan on being covered in road grime, bug guts and banged up from the rocks that will hit you during the ride.

Q. What to wear to impress a biker?

A.  Really? Dress to ride, wear age appropriate clothing and be yourself.  Trying to impress a biker is like pissing in the wind.


4 responses to “The Q & A

  1. We just lost our VTX in a flash flood before picking up a a 2013 Harley Road Glide. All of our friends ride and we were just as much of the group as any one on an HD anywhere we went It’s about the ride, not thee name of the bike as far as I am concerned. But a little secret, I am a much happier rider being back on the HD. Safe Travels!


  2. I’m not a Harley fan, sorry, but they have nice looking bikes I will say, we ride and love our Kawasaki Voyager, how welcome are riders of other bikes at most biker friendly hangouts here in Californa?



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