You Googled What?

Knowing the search terms that land people here on my page is very helpful and sometimes funny.  Someone may Google something that lands them here, but I have not written a post for it.  For example.  I had planned on doing a blog on”How to pack for Bike Week”    I found that this search term was coming up daily, so I did my post a several weeks before I had anticipated.

Then there are search terms that I get every day. Alpha Male and anything with those two words come up daily because there is a post here on the “The Quest for the Alpha Male“.

The second one I get many times a day is “Sugar Skull” and anything to do with sugar skull tattoos. Sugars skull and my little pony, sugar skull  with a cupcake on top, half sleeve sugar skull and sugar skull tattoos for women. Somewhere around here I have a pic of a sugar skull.

Then there are the search terms that I look at and just say WTF…? I can’t help but wonder what is going on in someones head or life to look some of this stuff up. The bigger question is, “How in the hell did THAT land your freaky ass HERE?”

Now I must admit, I have looked some freaky shit up, probably on a daily basis… ok not probably… have. OK.  But for some of these search terms, why are they landing here? I mean traffic is traffic,  and maybe they will come back because they stumbled upon this really cool page quite on accident when they were really just looking for a “bondage wallpaper”. Yep, got that one too.

I Googled It

I Googled It

Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of my Favorite Google Search Terms:

What do biker chicks wear:   My fav just because I looked up this search term and found nothing but a blog on yahoo written by a soccer mom who thinks biker chicks should wear really tight jeans, paint her nails red, bleach her hair blonde and chew gum. And that alone was the inspiration behind this page.  No Joke.  What do Biker Chicks wear?

Do not unfriend your father:  Clueless… But I picture a 16 year old boy in a dark room with something to hide.


Help, I have been Googled

Forty eight sexy:  I guess they should have just googled IEDarla, But they found me… WooHoo!

Slave wallpapers:  Slave as in Sex slave? What?  Please share.

Nail art dildo:  Now this came up yesterday… Seriously, I don’t even know what to make of it.  Is there some chick running around with dildo’s painted on her nails?  I gotta see that.  So guess what, I Googled it. I find nothing, but I did find this head line:  “Sex toy company to donate high-tech dildos to Military wives”. This is a post all on its own.

Dildo breath: Seriously?  I am fairly certain I have never used this word in a blog… ever… And you need a new girlfriend for sure.

Sexy guitar lady with headset:  Wynonna Judd?

Harley gas cap stuck:  You had to Google that? How embarrassing…

Motorcycle legs broke: Your motorcycle has legs… Send photo please.

I am an alpha male but don’t act like one:  No you’re not, you just wish you were  or you certainly would not have to Google it… Just sayin’

I got 99 problems but a ring aint one: You are in denial or you would not be home Googling stooopid shit like that.

How to be an alpha male:  No matter what I write, you will never be one.  You are the shit or not.

HD bondage wallpaper:  Must admit I have looked this up a thousand times.  But how did it get him or her here?

How to dress like a biker dude: Guess I have a post to write. This is a common search term. I see someone has gotten his midlife crisis bike.

Girls that need a ride to bike week:  Well you sure didn’t get the answer you were looking for here.  Because EVERYONE knows that I am against chicks riding with dudes they don’t know, it’s retarded. And if it isn’t clear  go here

Chic scarves for motorcycle riding:  Chic…?  See this video   2 bandannas for 2.99 at Walmart.

Norman Rockwell Gossip Chain: Now everyone loves Rockwell. But ok, someone needs to help this girl out and explain this to me, I thought he was dead,  is he gossiping from the grave?

Sticky spray for motorcycle passenger: This one hit yesterday. Sticky Spray?  What the hell is that? Is it new, do I need it? Does it keep new riders ass’s glued to the seat?  So many questions.

One dildo in every hole:   There’s that word again.  Someone’s in for a big surprise. Ohhh the visuals of this one…. This was yesterday too.

You either have it or you don’t:  I think it’s the dude that longs to be an Alpha Male must be so sad, looks like he is coming to terms with it.

Giving up the biker life: Looks like that midlife crisis bike didn’t work out so well.

Motorcycle sexy cup:  ***Sigh***

And the Coup De Gras….  The inspiration behind today’s post… Are you friggin kidding me?

Biker chick long nipples:   I got nuthin… But you are a weird mofo…


8 responses to “You Googled What?

  1. “What do biker chicks wear: My fav just because I looked up this search term and found nothing but a blog on yahoo written by a soccer mom who thinks biker chicks should wear really tight jeans, paint her nails red, bleach her hair blonde and chew gum. And that alone was the inspiration behind this page. No Joke. What do Biker Chicks wear?”

    Aha! This is why you thought I was talking about your site!! No. This is actually a proven fact, as I wear really tight jean, paint my nails bright red (Hey, It’s a Red and Gold World, Baby!), dye my hair, and I just adore gum. So, I wish I’d paid more attention to this paragraph before I wrote the piece — Some of ya’ll get it!

    Lol..I love these Google Search Term stories. There are a quite a few of them out there right now that make me laugh my ass off!


    • Along with the usual search terms today, I get again, “The Alpha Male concept” and “dads dildo” I can not imagine what the hell is one this page that keeps landing Dildo here…? My favorite one for the day so far is, “why does my hair feel dirty after riding a Harley” Ummmm because it is…


      • The Alpha Male one should be fun to work with…That is an interesting subject.

        And frankly, you would get a whole new, exciting, sticky audience if you wrote a piece on dildos and what they mean to you…lol! Even a step further, write one on dads dildos…You could literally become famous over night!!! I can’t imagine what a kid has experienced to have to type in Dad’s Dildo…I mean, maybe Mom’s Dildo…but Dad’s??? OMG.

        Seriously, someone had to ask that about their hair?? I’m voting her off the biker chick island for that one stupid question right there…

        She probably wears high heels and is missing a tooth.


    • There is no reply button on you above comment… Odd. Anyway, this biker chick does wear heels to ride, unless it’s hot… Guz I am kinda girly that. But I have all of my teeth. I think my definition of a “biker chick” other than being yourself as a woman, is attitude, and not some hardcore brainless chick. Like anything, it is being comfortable in your own skin. Every woman has her own style, but it’s the grace on the bike or off in which she carries herself that matters, [at least to me.]


      • Ok. Fair enough on the high heels…secretly, I’d love to be one of those tall, graceful women who seem to glide across the room on those stilted heels…but alas! I’m clumsy, ungraceful, and accident prone. Just a little envious, I guess!
        You’re right though, it is an either have it, or you don’t… 🙂


  2. This was great. I laughed and laughed. On my site, my favorite search term that brought more than one person to my site was:

    3 Boobs

    My second favorite:

    Is it the most stupidest day ever for you because today is a horrible day for me because my cat died

    Seriously? Google thought I could handle this, or help, or what?

    Enjoying your site.



    • Thanks Bird!

      Some of the stuff I just don’t get how the hell they end up here? Yours are good ones too… Mine I see a trend… and it is just weird… It will be interesting what “Google” terms bring folks here now with this post.

      Thanks for coming today. Happy Easter!



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